All-India IT Association’s Meet Will be Hosted by Karnataka IT Association On Feb 15

the All-India IT association ’s meet will be hosted by Karnataka state IT association on Feb. 15 in Bengaluru.

fitdak_team_6vS5cThe date will be finalized once the association gets confirmation from the other IT associations across the country.

Speaking to ‘Channel Times’, Balluru Anand Rao, president of the state association said, “We presentation, covering the events that had taken place since Feb 2014. We also discussed important developments across the country on debating OLS issues which is the biggest challenge on the agenda of all the associations.”

He added that the OLS menace & its ill effects on the trade continues to be FiTDAK’s priority and the association will roll out plans to tackle the issue.

“Based on secretary’s suggestion, OLS action committee had been formed housing all district IT presidents in it and core committee comprising of four will be decided very soon,” he concluded.

FiTDAK is also hosting All India Association Presidents’ meet on Feb’15 to formalize FAIITA and the OLS issue will be top priority here too.

Mangaluru-based MITDA, Dakshin Kannada Association will host this year’s FiTDAK AGM in the city.