Our vision is to create a global sustainable village that is conscious of our impact on the environment and uses technology to its fullest potential – Ajay Sharma, Sailax, Full Interview

Ajay Sharma, Founder of Sailax Digital Business Cards

Ajay Sharma, Founder of Sailax Digital Business Cards

Here is a transcript from a recent interaction between team IT-Voice and Ajay Sharma, Founder of Sailax.

Prateek: What is the vision behind Sailax?

Ajay Sharma: Sailax Group is a company that believes in bettering life with technology. Our vision is to create a global sustainable village that is conscious of our impact on the environment and uses technology to its fullest potential to address any challenges related to sustainability. Sailax makes this possible by providing an affordable alternative solution that incentivizes people to make the switch to a sustainable lifestyle. Our sustainable ventures include Solar systems, hot water systems, LED lighting, artificial intelligence-based solutions, and Digital business card solutions created to fulfill our sustainability goals. For example, DBC has been created with the overall vision to save more than half a million trees that are culled each year for printing paper business cards.

Prateek: How is the response for Sailax Digital Business Card so far?

Ajay Sharma: We garnered over 100k downloads (android and iOS combined) in a very short span of time which speaks for itself. The best part of the response is that it is gaining interest among smaller businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, affiliates, and influencers apart from just big businesses and corporate chains. In less than a year of operation, we have expanded from Australia to India, Sri Lanka, UAE, and the UK on the foundation of the fantastic response and feedback we have received for the product.

Prateek: What is the differentiating factor for Sailax in the crowd of other digital business card service providers?

Ajay Sharma: The biggest difference is that we provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for anyone to design, create, manage, deploy and store all their business cards in a secure manner. Other than that:

  • We provide a mobile app for people to create and manage all their accounts simplifying the entire process of creating and sharing your cards along with providing an easy way to use the interface to store all the required information.
  • The end customer (receiver of the card) need not have the mobile app as a compulsion in the mobile (like many of the other digital business card companies that also have a similar way of creating and sharing cards).
  • We provide a web-based admin panel that allows you to not only manage all cards in one place but also view in-depth card analytics on the performance of each of your cards.
  • We provide an eclectic array of sharing options to the customer based on their preference – Contactless, QR code, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and tons of more options.
  • We provide a video header to each of the cards for users to showcase their brand in the best light.
  • Everything on the app is unlimited (Unlike others who keep a cap on either the number of fields or amount of data that the card can hold).
  • Unlimited capacity of gallery images that can be added to the card.
  • Secure way of logging in through fingerprint authentication. All data is 100% secure for the customers.
  • Our cards have become a marketing tool for any business. We have had customers using the product as their own micro-website and landing page for their brand.
  • We have a strong client servicing team that helps any kind of individual (with little or no knowledge of technology) to create, design, and train them on using our product.

Prateek: What according to you is the scope of DBC in India?

Ajay Sharma: The scope of DBC is huge in India. With over 1.26 million registered companies and 42.5 million registered and unregistered SMEs in India, there is a huge workforce that employs paper business cards on a daily basis. Apart from this, there are over 15 million solopreneurs and influencers that use paper cards (or link-based cards) on a daily basis. So, there is a huge market that is using a redundant, age-old method to exchange information. 10 billion cards are printed each year, out of which 8 billion are trashed within a week of receiving them. This presents DBC as an alternative to a much better and easier way to put their brand out.

Prateek: What are some of the challenges you are facing?

Ajay Sharma: While we have created a product after conducting extensive research among hundreds of business card users, we do face some challenges like:

  • Fear or lack of trust in technology due to lack of knowledge. Even though our product and customer’s data are as secure as they can be due to our data privacy practices but we still get customers who are scared of their data being misused.
  • An attachment to an age-old tradition of exchanging cards. Many times, there are some tech-savvy people as well who are reluctant to change despite knowing the benefits.
  • Non – Ability of consumers to visualize the monetary savings they could make from switching to a digital business card.

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