Ajay Sharma, Founder of Sailax

Ajay Sharma, Founder of Sailax Digital Business Cards

Ajay Sharma, Founder of Sailax Digital Business Cards

Ajay Sharma hails from a defense background and has served in military school Bangalore as a mentor. A staunch believer in hard work, Mr. Sharma knows how to take initiative and lead from the front. All men see flaws in society but very few try to rectify them. Mr. Sharma is one of those very few. He opines that impossible is merely a state of mind and there’s nothing a man can do once he believes in it and in himself.

Juggling three different jobs while observing the growing market to learn its plausible applications in India, he completed his MBA majoring in International Business.

Sailax is the brainchild of Mr. Sharma that makes sustainable growth with modernism is plausible. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Sailax was established in 2013.

They provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable solutions that encourage people to choose a sustainable lifestyle.

When the world was struggling to come to terms with the idea of sustainable development, Mr. Sharma led the way with his innovation of Digital Business Cards. It confronts the adverse environmental impact of paper business cards head-on. A comprehensive app designed to be more than just a digital business card but a tool of engagement.

When the world is moving forward without much concern for the environment, people like Mr. Ajay Sharma are coming up with creative modern solutions to battle the dreadful impact of industrialization.

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