Technologies like AI & ML are helping the EdTech sector to reduce the operational costs, segmenting the process, personalize data which makes the learning fun and easy and for specially abled students – Ajay Kumar, Dhurina, Full Interview

Ajay Kumar, Co-Founder, Dhurina

Ajay Kumar, Co-Founder, Dhurina

Dhurina Ventures Pvt Ltd. is an ed-tech start-up founded in the year June 2019. The organization primarily provides online guidance, classes and materials for state, regional and central level competitive examinations targeting especially the tier 2 and 3 cities of India. Dhurina is a team of 200 plus highly qualified educators and experts across the country having more than 10 years of teaching experience and studios and set ups in various locations. It has been contributory in imparting quality education to more than 15 lakh students from across the country. Below is a snippet from a brief interaction between team IT-Voice and Ajay Kumar, Co-Founder, Dhurina.

Prateek: What is the vision behind Dhurina?

Ajay Kumar: The vision behind taking this initiative was to make sure that we are able to reach people with scarce resources and are able to fulfil their needs. We had in mind that nobody should have to struggle with quality education and everyone should have access to affordable and good quality content regardless of the location. The student can study from any educator of his choice from anywhere at anytime.

Prateek: How technologies like AI & ML are disrupting the EdTech market?

Ajay Kumar: The introduction of technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) has helped the sector to reduce the operational costs, helps in segmenting the process, helps personalize data which makes the learning fun and easy and for specially abled students also it is of great help as it then gives the chance of learning through speech recognition, VR technology, etc. 

Prateek: How features and services set Dhurina apart from other EdTech companies?

Ajay Kumar: We provide our services at prices which are unbeatable and our content is mainly by the top educators from across the nation. There were no available resources for the students preparing for state level examination and we began with the motive of making sure that no one struggles regarding the same.

Prateek: What are some of the challenges that you face?

Ajay Kumar: The main challenge that we faced in the beginning and face sometimes even now is that keeping in mind our target audience, we had to make sure that the videos that we provide doesn’t get interrupted because of bad internet services. What upsets us the most is that we are not able to provide each one of our user with the same quality of content. The quality one will get depends upon the network quality of their locations. We have an option of adjusting the quality as per the network availability but this is still a challenge that is facing us.

Prateek: Where do you want to take Dhurina in 5 years?

Ajay Kumar: We look forward to an expansion in parts of India that we haven’t yet touched and make sure that all students across the nation who are preparing for any state level exam looks up to us and sees us as a reliable source for their study solution. We are planning on spreading our reach to each and every part of our nation be it the big cities or small villages. We are also working on bringing Central level exam courses to our app.

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