AI-Powered Washing Machines By Samsung Launched In India

AI-Powered Washing Machines By Samsung Launched In India

AI-Powered Washing Machines By Samsung Launched In India

Artificial Intelligence is the future! Here is a product that even amateurs can handle easily. Laundry is a segment where most of us find ourselves puzzled as to how much water to use, how much detergent to pour, and or what should be the time of the spin. Now, the South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has announced its AI-enabled washing machine for all households. It will use the Hindi and English interfaces for communication and functioning. Amazing? Read along.

The line-up of 21 new models is equipped with AI-powered features. These models are fully automatic and come with front door functionality. You can connect the washing machine with other Samsung smart devices like smartphones, smart TVs. AI used in these Samsung washing machines learn about the usage patterns and saves time by suggesting to the user the wash cycle and preferred settings.

Samsung claims that the washing machines will save time by 50%, power, and provide an extra 45% fabric cover using the EcoBubble and QuickDrive technology.

The brand new designs are user-friendly with a digital interface. These could be operated by three controls provided. The laundry planner enables the users to schedule the end time of the wash. Laundry Recipe asks for information like color, fabric type, and degree of soiling and then based on the information suggests the recommendations for the optimal wash cycle. Lastly, you don’t have to stress yourself about any troubles the washing machine may have. The HomeCare Wizard will help in troubleshooting the potential problems for a quick resolution.

These smart washing machines by Samsung could also be connected with voice assistants like Alexa and or Google Home.

The latest models are given a 5-star energy rating and certification by BEE. Expect lesser power bills as these consume lesser power and are incredibly silent as compared to other brands.

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AI-enabled washing machines by Samsung are available at major retail partners in India. Some select models could also be purchased online from online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Samsung’s official online store SamsungShop. The starting price of the washing machine is Rs.35,400 and the prices may vary with the models.