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AI Logistix and SUN Mobility announce strategic partnership to offer end-to-end Green Deliveries

AI Logistix, a logistics company that aims to identify and resolve day-to-day logistics and supply chain issues, today announced its partnership with SUN Mobility, the leading provider of battery swapping services and energy infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) to become the LAST sMILE delivery partner of India.

As a client of Alchemy Mobility LLP, a green mobility service provider for all the last mile delivery agencies in the world of E-commerce, Medicines, Essential Supplies or Personal Mobility “AI Logistix” is availing energy services provided by SUN Mobilty. AI Logistix is aiming to become the go-to LAST SMILE delivery partner by focusing on zero-carbon emission (Green deliveries) across India.

As part of this partnership, SUN Mobility and AI Logistix plan to deploy 500 loaders and electric two-wheelers (E2Ws) till March 2023 by adding approx 100 vehicles to the fleet every month. The initial deployment will be focused in Bangalore and Hyderabad, and will later extend across pan India. SUN Mobility and AI Logistix partnership will also jointly provide customizable integrated 2W swap solutions to the rider partner to enhance vehicle utility and day-to-day mobility and reduce downtime.

Abdul Khadeer & Mamata Reddy, Founders of AI Logistix

Abdul Khadeer & Mamata Reddy, Founders of AI Logistix, said “Our technology & logistic services aim at ensuring efficiency in delivery with optimal cost and improved performance. We are thrilled to partner with ALCHEMY Mobility and SUN Mobility to resolve supply chain and mobility challenges in day-to-day electric three & two-wheeler logistics. Together with SUN Mobility, we will focus on addressing the environmental crisis by enhancing mobility performance through smart logistic solutions and become the profitable Last mile delivery companies for all segments in India.

Anant Badjatya, CEO of SUN Mobility

Anant Badjatya, CEO of SUN Mobility said, “Providing superior sustainable solutions and green mobility services have always been a key priority and specialization of SUN Mobility. Our partnership with Alchemy Mobility and AI Logistix through Alchemy will help us combat everyday mobility challenges through intelligent and customizable solutions for electric three & two-wheelers. This partnership is also an expansion of our efforts to align with the Government’s measures to boost EV adoption in India, through battery swapping and vehicle safety solutions.”

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