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ADATA as a brand has been investing its resources in R&D- Mr. Richard Tan,MD & Director,ADATA Technology India Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Richard Tan, MD & Director, ADATA Technology India Pvt Ltd.
Mr. Richard Tan, MD & Director, ADATA Technology India Pvt Ltd.
Mr. Richard Tan,
MD & Director,
ADATA Technology India Pvt Ltd.

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Richard Tan,MD & Director,ADATA Technology India Pvt Ltd.reveals his strategies forbusiness in India..

Vikas Gupta:- What is your vision on ADATA for the next two years?

Mr. Richard Tan:- To talk about future, we will need to go back to the last couple of years of ADATA operations in India. ADATA has been present in India since last more than 7 years. The first couple of years were through our esteemed distributors. But since last 2011, we have made our presence directly through our own setup. In year 2013 we went one step ahead and have invested in our own infrastructure setup. In the fag end of 2013 itself – we added LED lighting category to our existing product line. In terms of growth, we have been observing a steady growth of around 30 to 40 percent year-on-year. Talking about our growth plan, today we are amongst the few storage companies who can boast of having an entire range of products in storage segment including USB flash drives, External HDDs, complete range of SSDs and mobile accessories. We have been steadily working towards strengthening our position on SSDs and External HDDs. In SSDs we have made excellent inroads and have bagged some key strategic accounts in the last couple of quarters. Our vision is to further strengthen our position in SSD in the coming quarters. As far as LED light segment goes, we have so far done the basics right by appointing the key distributor partners in most the major geographies. This way we are all geared up for the next 2 years.

Vikas Gupta:- What are the main storage trends in the India? How have they changed or evolved over the years?

Mr. Richard Tan:- Today consumer wants more storage than ever before be it in mobile phones, tablets, PC, External HDDs and with Internet penetration increasing at a break neck speed- this is further going to increase. The trend today is to have not only large size data storage – but also to have high speed data writing and reading devices. So far example a Class 10 SD card which until now was in the premium category is becoming a mainstay product. In External HDDs, consumers do not shy in investing for 2TB single drive. SSDs are getting widespread acceptance and a mere 128GB is not sufficient enough – In fact the highest no. (Capacity wise) of SSDs sold by us were 256GB.ADATA Logo

Vikas Gupta:- How are these changes going to affect the storage business?

Mr. Richard Tan:- All of these changes are definitely going to be a positive trend for storage segment as this will give us more business opportunities. Secondly today IT hardware segment is fast becoming a commodity segment wherein there is severe competition amongst the channel partners, e-tailers, Large format Retail (LFRs). This could in a way be a dampener as because of the fierce competition, revenues could be hit.

Vikas Gupta:- What are some of the points where Adata products score over the competing forces in India as well as globally?

Mr. Richard Tan:- ADATA as a brand has been investing its resources in R&D, product development, development of supporting applications, product certifications etc. These steps taken help us churn out quality products with minimal product failure

Vikas Gupta:- How do you keep your business focused? Any suggestions for entrepreneurs who are experiencing challenging times?

Mr. Richard Tan:- A partner needs to keep an eye on changing business scenario and needs to adapt accordingly to stay relevant in the business. Like for instance, today partners focusing on storage can also look in opportunities coming out in data centre solutions storage needs. Secondly the partners also need to work closely with vendors who will always help and guide them on changing business needs globally and adapt to it accordingly.

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