Acme Cleantech Selects Chinese Firm For Supply Of Solar Modules

Acme Cleantech Solutions Ltd (formerly Acme Tele Power Ltd), an energy-efficient company who has received numerous solar orders ACMErecently in competitive auctions, has announced that it has chosen Chinese based Zhongli Solutions, to provide 222 mega watts solar PV modules which Acme will use in its power plants. This is a major achievement for the Chinese company which was eager to make their inroads in the India solar energy space.

Acme on the other hand has been one of the leading solar energy providers in the country and the company has recently won several orders from the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana government to develop several large-scale solar projects in their states. The company had commissioned five solar projects of 20mega watts each under the National Solar Mission and there it had used solar modules manufactured by Tata Power Solar, because of the government’s notification to use domestic equipment.

China has been the biggest importer of solar modules in the country and this is primarily because of the low cost and high value it offers to the consumers. With the government levying no import duty on Chinese solar modules, there are numerous companies who are taking orders from the Chinese companies.