March 1, 2021

Achieve Cost Savings with SapphireIMS Asset Management Solution

Sapphire LogoSapphireIMS Asset Management Solutions Help Organizations in Better Utilization of Their Assets and to Justify ROI on the Capital Invested.

SapphireIMS, one of the leading providers of end-to-end IT Service Management solutions, has added new features in its Asset Management solution. SapphireIMS asset management solution helps organizations to mitigate depreciation and maximize ROI of assets.

SapphireIMS can help organizations with a proven IT asset life cycle management process and technology solutions to achieve greater savings and efficiency on investments. Typically, organizations use either manual processes or fixed asset management software to track assets-this means that only around 75 per cent of them are utilized effectively in most cases.

In addition to this, thanks to the ever changing nature of technology, assets get outdated and depreciate at a faster rate. Therefore, defining the right asset management process is the primary point of accountability for life-cycle management in IT assets.

Ensuring compliance (Software and IT Policy) is key to ensure smooth business operations and organization find it a challenge to manage compliance across the organization due to distributed nature, local administrative control, etc. Managing compliance becomes a critical requirement across the organization as well.

Key Offerings of the SapphireIMS Asset Management:

Control, organize, centralize and provide up-to-date information on assets from procurement to retirement

Discover and manage heterogeneous assets and reconcile the discovered inventory with the assets.

Map assets with additional fields like inventory tag, warranty period, AMC period, etc. This enables the system to flag expiry of AMCs well in advance, enabling organizations to save costs associated with expired AMCs

Maintain the relationships between components of a service so that service level objectives can be defined and availability and health measurements identified.

Generate bar codes for assets and conduct physical audits of assets using hand-held scanners.

Enforce software license compliance through usage analysis and violation reports

Manage IT policy compliance through effective IT policy audits

Get detailed inventory and asset reports in standard document formats

Add custom depreciation rules for generating depreciation reports

Maintain non digital or un-managed IP assets in the same system

Shafi Ahamed, CEO and Co-Founder at SapphireIMS said, “We are very pleased to enhance the SapphireIMS Asset Management solution. Due to the speed of technology upgrade these days, assets are getting outdated very fast. It becomes very important in this rapidly changing era to get the best out of assets and maximize ROI. SapphireIMS AM is being used by a large number of customers for managing large assets, even to the tune of 50,000 assets. SapphireIMS Asset Management suite helps orchestrate the day-to-day operational activities associated with assets, dynamic inventory collection and centralized management of Asset and contract records (CMDB).”