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Acer FA100 M.2 SSD by BIWIN gains popularity among working professionals and students

Acer FA100 M.2 provides ultra-high-speed read and write performance for efficient office work, remote learning, and gaming.

The Acer FA100 M.2 SSD reaffirms its position as the preferred choice among all working personnel and students involved in remote learning. Equipped with a ‘read speed up to 3300 MB/s’ and ‘write speed up to 2700 MB/s’, the SSD provides high-speed transfer of large files and significantly reduces system response to revitalise even old PCs, enabling the required system performance for efficient office work, remote learning, and gaming.

The full-capacity design of Acer FA100 M.2 SSD provides the users with more available space, higher performance, and longer life compared to other non-standard SSDs, ensuring reliable performance over time. Additionally, NVMe PCIe Gen3 x 4 SSD comes with mainstream SSD data security technology, making it a storage expansion solution that strikes a balance between security, high speed, and reliability.

The star attraction of these SSDs is the free customised version of Acronis True Image cloning software, which helps in seamless data transfer and backup in situations of natural disasters or emergencies to ensure the security and privacy of data.

Commenting on the excellence of Acer FA100 M.2 SSD and its popularity among working professionals and students, Mr. Rajesh Khurana, Country Manager, Consumer Business, BIWIN shared, “Acer FA100 M.2 SSD’s production process goes through multiple checks by engineers at all levels. From design and material selection to production and quality control, Acer FA100 has undergone multiple rigorous tests to ensure excellent stability and reliability. This commitment to quality is reflected in its ultra-high-speed- read and write performance, making it an ideal choice for efficient office work, remote learning, and gaming.”

Fortune Marketing Private Limited, the National Distributor of BIWIN in India, distributes the FA100 M.2 SSD, ensuring its wide availability and professional support for Indian consumers.

Available in various capacities ranging from 128 GB to 2 TB, Acer M.2 SSD has a high-performance controller and high-quality 3D TLC NAND. These SSDs come in both 2.5-inch and M.2 form factors, making them a perfect choice for consumer notebooks, desktop computers, and all-in-one devices.

This product is compatible with a range of advanced technologies, including modern standby and ultra-low power modes. The 2 TB model boasts a remarkably low maximum power usage of just 3.96 Watts. Once installed, it contributes to the efficient management of your system’s power consumption, thereby enhancing the battery longevity.

The Acer FA100 M.2 SSD is equipped with Dynamic/Static Wear Levelling, TRIM Command, S.M.A.R.T. Function, and ECC (4K LDPC) Error Correction Code Technology, ensuring the highest levels of reliability and durability. Additionally, it includes complimentary backup software from Acronis.

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