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Accenture to Invest $3 Billion in AI to Accelerate Clients’ Reinvention

Accenture Invests $3 Billion in Data & AI Practice for Industry Solutions and Talent Expansion

NEW YORK; June 13, 2023 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has announced a significant $3 billion investment over three years in its Data & AI practice to drive AI adoption and growth across industries. The investment aims to help clients leverage AI technologies responsibly and achieve greater efficiency, resilience, and business growth.

With a strong focus on delivering value and fostering responsible AI practices, Accenture’s investment includes several initiatives:

1. Enhanced Solutions: Accenture will develop new industry-specific solutions and pre-built models across 19 industries, leveraging the power of AI for diagnostic, predictive, and generative capabilities.

2. Talent Expansion: The Data & AI practice will double its AI talent to 80,000 professionals through a combination of hiring, acquisitions, and training. This investment will ensure a skilled workforce capable of delivering AI-driven solutions.

3. AI Navigator for Enterprise: Accenture has launched the AI Navigator for Enterprise platform, powered by generative AI. This platform will assist clients in developing AI strategies, use cases, rigorous business cases, decision-making processes, and responsible policies. It will also provide assets for accelerating responsible AI practices and compliance programs.

4. Center for Advanced AI: To maximize the value of generative AI and other emerging AI capabilities, Accenture has established the Center for Advanced AI. This center will focus on extensive research and development, re imagining service delivery using generative AI, and exploring new AI opportunities.

5. Ecosystem Partnerships: Accenture will invest in new and existing relationships within its cloud, data, and AI ecosystems. These partnerships will drive innovation by enabling developers to utilize pre-built models for rapid prototyping and creators to build dynamic virtual environments that adapt to real-world changes.

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