A10 Networks adds DDoS Protection to its Carrier Grade Networking Products, Giving Service Providers Specialized Protection against the Rising Occurrence of Volumetric Attacks

Protects IPv4 and IPv6 address pools, guards against external attacks and prevents compromised internal resources from compromising network services

A10 Networks, a technology leader in application networking, today announced the addition of integrated DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection functionality to its popular and widely deployed Thunder CGN (Carrier Grade Networking) products which provide IPv4 address extension and IPv6 migration capabilities. The addition of integrated DDoS protection functionality to the Thunder CGN product line offers carriers and service providers a way to prevent DDoS attacks from compromising their revenue-generating network infrastructure.

As the security landscape has evolved, DDoS attacks have dramatically grown over the last several years in frequency, volume and sophistication. Attacks may originate from inside or outside of the carrier’s subscriber network. With the high throughput nature of these attacks, the market needs appliances capable of performing detection and mitigation tasks rapidly in hardware to adequately prevent data center infrastructure from being overwhelmed.

A10 Thunder CGN products now provide specialized DDoS protection for network infrastructure offering public-facing services like websites, DNS, and messaging services, limiting exposure to sophisticated and costly DDoS attacks that bring online services down and expose the entire network to additional vulnerabilities. Thunder CGN products operate at high performance, allowing them to prevent huge, volumetric, multi-vector attacks, protecting IPv4 and IPv6 NAT (network address translation) address pools, guarding against large attacks from external sources, and preventing compromised or “zombied” internal resources from attacking users outside the network.

The new Integrated DDoS capabilities for Thunder CGN are further enhanced by A10’s new Thunder SPE family of appliances are also announced. Thunder SPE appliances leverage A10’s innovative new Security and Policy Engine (SPE) to implement security and policy enforcement functions at higher speed, harnessing the power of additional and enhanced hardware components that also deliver up to a 40 percent boost in performance over standard Thunder appliances.

“DDoS has rapidly become a significant and escalating threat to all customers, and is particularly worrisome for large service providers, enterprise and web giants whose business is entirely or largely predicated on network and application availability,” said Jason Matl of, A10 Networks Vice President of Marketing. “By adding DDoS mitigation functionality at the critical network perimeter NAT gateway, A10 gives customers another important layer of security and uptime protection.”

Price and Availability
The DDoS capability for Thunder CGN products is available at no additional charge as part of A10’s standard “All Inclusive” licensing agreement of ACOS (Advanced Core Operating System) version 2.8.2, which is available now.

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