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A Revolutionary Device for Connecting Workforce with Interactive White boarding and Video Conferencing Capabilities

Cybernetyx, the global leader in perceptual AI devices for collaboration, announces the launch of Thinker Connect – a retrofit device for standard displays with interactive white boarding and video conferencing capabilities, enabling remote work to be highly effective and productive.

Thinker Connect – Unified Communication Solution
Thinker Connect when placed over any standard non-touch flat panel from 32” to 75”, magically turns it into touch interactive with full digital white boarding capabilities. The device also has an built-in Meet EQ AI-powered Camera system and acoustically intelligent 4x Mic array, which makes it a perfect integrated solution for huddle room as well meeting room.

It aims to foster productive and engaging collaboration through video conferencing with interactive white boarding, using the latest technology and elevates the meeting outcomes.

The key feature of Thinker Connect is the 3D motion sensor powering its white boarding capability that enables teams to write, draw or annotate on the big screen in the meeting room. So, next time when you are meeting your team virtually to discuss the revenue plans, you can draw the milestones achieved, check the current stock market rate from My Cloud, and summarize the forecast for five years using graphs and charts. So, along with video conferencing, Thinker Connect enables teams to collaborate efficiently, ensuring more productivity.

Interactivity with Advanced Sensors
With the advance motion-sensing technology of Eye RIS sensor, Thinker Connect intelligently tracks the users’ pen gestures in real-time to perform touch interactivity on the display. The smart tools help the participants to write and co-annotate over the shared screen in different hues of digital inks, along with choosing multiple shapes recognition, background options, and unlimited pages. The built-in search engine My Cloud provides the relevant search results of your query in the form of videos, images, and texts so that you don’t have to leave the whiteboard to search anything on the web browser.

Video Conferencing with Meet EQ
The Meet EQ AI-Powered wide-angle camera delivers intelligent viewing capabilities and tags the participants and auto-frames the speaker to avoid any confusion. While MeetEQ Mic Array has a pickup range of 5 meters that can be extended up to 20 meters to ensure everyone part of the meeting is heard clearly. The full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation technology suppresses the background noise and focuses the microphone directly on the speaker.

Compatibility to Collaborate
Thinker Connect integrates and works seamlessly with all leading collaboration tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Hangout that help you collaborate better with remote teams and manage your work efficiently.

Some companies need to collaborate with their remote teams occasionally while a others collaborate almost on a daily basis. However, the current situation of COVID – 19 has compelled companies to review the whole scenario of remote working. Sharing the insight on the growing need of collaboration in remote teams, Mr. Ramya Chatterjee, CEO of Cybernetyx said, “The current scenario has made organizations rethink about the ways to empower their global teams sharing different geographical locations, to connect with customers and partners and continue to get business done. For this, we need to adopt a solution that could connect everyone and choosing Thinker Connect would be a wise option.”

Most of the huddle rooms and meeting rooms are equipped with displays and panels for which Thinker Connect acts as a commercially viable solution. This retrofit device upgrades the entire set up and adds an aesthetic appeal to the meeting room besides adding tons of capabilities.

Recently, Cybernetyx launched Thinker Connect at ISE 2020 – the world’s largest exhibition for professional AV and integrated systems and got an outstanding response from attendees, partners, and distributors visiting from European union and from across the world. Most of the visitors envisaged it to be a game-changing product in the AV industry in the coming times.

While you might be missing those spontaneous interactions with your team that sparks new ideas and help you hash out, we ensure that we are available to answer your queries.
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About Cybernetyx
Cybernetyx is a pioneer and leader in developing Perceptual AI devices that augment our learning and thinking spaces to transform our knowledge work. In 2009, we invented Eye RIS vision technology – that allowed machines to ‘see’ and understand human touch and gestures on large surfaces, and now licensed by and powers millions of products from most of the leading display companies in the world such as NEC, ViewSonic, and others.

For more information, please visit www.cybernetyx.com