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8 Youtube Channels busted for spreading Fake News

YouTube busts 8 accounts for Fake News spreading (Image: IndustryWired)

On Tuesday, the government made a significant announcement, revealing its action against eight YouTube channels that had amassed a total of almost 23 million subscribers. These channels were targeted for their dissemination of false information, including claims about the premature initiation of Lok Sabha elections and the prohibition of electronic voting systems.

Authorities indicated that the content featured on these YouTube channels, namely Yahan Sach Dekho, Capital TV, KPS News, Sarkari Vlog, Earn Tech India, SPN9 News, Educational Dost, and World Best News, underwent rigorous fact-checking by the Press Information Bureau due to their propagation of inaccurate information. Significantly, World Best News, a YouTube channel boasting a substantial following of over 1.7 million subscribers and amassing more than 18 crore views, was flagged for distorting facts about the Indian Army, as per official reports.

It was revealed that the YouTube channel “Educational Dost,” boasting an impressive audience of more than 3.43 million subscribers and accumulating around 23 crore views, was involved in disseminating misleading details about government initiatives. Similarly, “SPN9 News,” a channel with a substantial subscriber base exceeding 4.8 million and garnering an astounding 189 crore views, was found to be promulgating fabricated news concerning the president, prime minister, and various central ministers.

The channel ‘Capital TV’ with over 3.5 million subscribers and over 160 crore views was also propagating fake news about the prime minister, the government and orders related to promulgation of President’s rule in West Bengal. YouTube channel ‘Yahan Sach Dekho’ with over 3 million subscribers and over 100 million views was peddling fake news about the Election Commission and the Chief Justice of India. ‘Earn India Tech’ with over 31,000 subscribers and 3.6 million views was found to be propagating fake news related to Aadhar card, PAN card and others.

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