7 brilliant innovations that sound more like science fiction

logo-google-astro-1Talk about a company that globally tops in terms of creativity and innovation and one name that will undoubtedly strike the mind of many is Google! The tech giant has traveled far beyond being only a search engine and is now a world leader in email provider, mapping services, mobile technology and what not! Ofcourse there are innovations like Android, upcoming smartwatches and chromebooks but here we bring to you a list of 7 awesome innovations which were a class apart and first of its kind!.Over past few years, Google has been working towards killing passwords forever. After coming forward to support Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO), Google is experimenting with some brilliant means to identify a user while accessing their online accounts. Motorola in this attempt is trying to mix science with health by bringing the Proteus Digital Health pill. This unique ECG trace will be used to verify a user via external devices. Additionally Motorola is also working on flexible electronic circuits which can be embedding them into people’s skin like a tattoo and will be used as unique passwords.Right from a sci-fi movie comes Google Glass. Launched in 2012, it was Google’s first wearable device which thrilled the world. Although yet to be launched for the end users, the gadget is said to have niche features like Android Smartphones and tablets support, photos and videos capturing, dialing, and receiving phone calls, checking out maps, read emails and text messages and perform various other tasks via voice commands.Packed with speed of 1GB per second, Google Fiber was launched in 2011. This internet service was first rolled out in Kansas and then to Missouri, Texas and Utah in the U.S. Coming in different variants, its basic version costs $70 and offers 1TB cloud storage, while the other subscription that comes with TV service offers 1TB data on Google drive, 2TB digital recording and a free Nexus 7 tablet. Another free internet offer costs about $25 for annual subscription where in the company provides users with a 5Mbps speed.Launched in 2007, Google’s Street View project gave it a clear cutting edge over its competitors. Google street view option comes along with Google maps, and when selected it provides a panoramic, 360 degree street view imagery of various places around the world. This allows the user to see the photos from around the world straight from their desktops, mobile devices and Nintendo Wii U.The super refined X8 mobile chip which comes in Google’s Moto X Smartphone gives the smartphone an enhanced user experience. Made up of a 1.7GHz dual-core CPU and a quad-core Adreno GPU, this chipset consists of a natural language processor. Device knows when to turn itself to silent mode or which app to open when the phone is held in a certain way. So even when the phone is in sleeping mode if a user gives a voice command saying “Okay Google” it wakes up and performs the task.The long talked and popular in fiction, the Driverless cars were proudly initiated by Google. Introduced by the Google’s X Lab, as of now these driverless cars are being tested by the company in various cities of the U.S. Although the car is still far from being commercialized but as per reports, Google might soon launch these as Robo-Taxi to for public commutation.With the aim of providing internet on 3G speed in areas where there is no internet, Google has recently launched Project Loon, each of these air balloons will be spreading 3G speed internet to 1,256 sq m of area. These air balloons will be strapped with internet antennas into the stratosphere at a height of 20km.