August 4, 2020

6 Exciting Things To Look Forward To At CES 2016

The upcoming CES 2016 is going to showcase many CES 2016upcoming technological innovations. A few that are worth keeping an eye out for are highlighted below:

1. Cinemood – The compact projector comes with kid-friendly content, a built-in WiFI and a user-friendly interface. It has associated with ToonBox and also has the provision for addition of content via USB. It can play various types of media formats. It comes equipped with a battery which can last up to two hours. It can be pre-ordered from indiegogo from March 2016.

2. Smart Jewellery – Martian has asked PC Jewellers to craft gold and studded smart jewellery. It will make use of Martian’s technology and will have features like one touch SOS help, anti-theft and GPS tracking. The brand known as Wisewear will come with a touch panel for sending distress SMS to friends who are in need.

3. Fonebud- This will eliminate the need for smartphone users to carry multiple accessories. The Fonebud Essential Plus is a compact device that gets connected to your phone via Bluetooth and can be used for taking voice calls. It comes with a 5000 mAh battery for charging it as well as for alerts in case the phone is more than 10 metres away from you.

  1. Modular Speakers – UB+ is a modular speaker that allow users to readily switch from a single speaker to a large one with the aid of an external casing. The speakers can interconnect for delivering enhanced output via a single module.

  1. Aumeo – This device is situated between your music player and speaker/headphones and improves audio output on the go to suit your preferences. It enables you to hear the complete audio spectrum that may be missing otherwise. The device has an app for creating an audio profile and enhancing the audio output. It functions well with wired and wireless audio devices.

  1. Skreens – It offers four HDMI input and 1 HDMI out to enable you to connect all your devices to the TV with a single port. Skreen permits you to see feeds from all devices in one go on the screen. It is a unique device that allows 4 HD signals to be viewed in one go.