5 Best Firewall for Enterprise Right Now

Security breaches are up 67% over the last 5 years, according to Accenture. The rise in breaches indicates a growing gap between cyberattacks and the enterprise’s ability to defend against them. Since the frequency and vulnerability of cyberattacks is increasing at very fast pace nowadays, we need to find a way out for this.

The key first step in protecting any enterprise is deploying a firewall that can filter huge amounts of traffic without sacrificing network performance and speed.

Recognizing that one need a firewall is the first and most obvious step. The next crucial step in the decision-making process is determining which firewall features and policies best-suit the company’s needs. Today’s enterprise firewalls must be able to secure an increasingly complex network that includes traditional on-premises data center deployments, remote offices and a range of cloud environments.

Here are the top 5 recommendation firewall for your enterprise to keep the data safe.

    * Palo Alto Networks:  Palo Alto NetworksML-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls are easy to deploy into your organization’s network and purposefully designed for simplicity, automation, and integration.Available in hardware and virtualized platforms with prevention-focused architecture that’s easy to deploy and operate–and incredibly effective.PA Series NGFW provides consistent protection to your entire network perimeter–from your headquarters and office campus, branch offices and data center to your mobile and remote workforce.

    CheckPoint:  Check Point gateways provide superior security beyond any Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). Best designed for Sandblast Network’s protection, these gateways are the best at preventing the fifth generation of cyber-attacks with more than 60 innovative security services. Based on the Infinity Architecture, the new Quantum Security Gateway line up of 15 models can deliver up to 1.5 Tbps of threat prevention performance and can scale on demand.

    * WiJungle: WiJungle is world’s first unified network security platform product that comprehensively caters the capabilities of Network Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Hotspot Gateway, DLP, Vulnerability Assessment, etc., thus not only eradicates the need to have several standalone security products but also reduces the capital investment of an organization by up to 60 percent &simplifies the day-day management as well as scalability challenges. WiJungle is continuously plugging up more capabilities to its OS and evolving to the vision of delivering comprehensive security.

    *Fortinet:FortiGate NGFWs enable security-driven networking and consolidate industry-leading security capabilities such as intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection, and automated threat protection. Fortinet NGFWs meet the performance needs of highly scalable, hybrid IT architectures, enabling organizations to reduce complexity and manage security risks.They are powered by artificial intelligence (AI)-driven FortiGuard Labs and deliver proactive threat protection with high-performance to stay ahead of the rapidly expanding threat landscape.

    CISCO:The Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is the industry’s first fully integrated, threat-focused NGFW. It delivers comprehensive, unified policy management of firewall functions, application control, threat prevention, and advanced malware protection from the network to the endpoint.It can be deployed on Cisco Firepower 1000 Series, 2100 Series, 4100 Series, and 9300 appliances to provide a performance and density optimized NGFW security platform for Internet edge and other high-performance environments.