4 Most Hackable Gadgets Gifts of 2015

1. Smartwatches and fitness trackers:
The wearable devices have changed the way we use smartphones. The wearable is always connected to a smartphone. A hacker can potentially hack this connection and access emails, SMS and even send malicious software through a wearable. The sensitive personal data can be used for identify theft.

2. Smartphones and tablets:
Smartphone penetration is rising everyday. The sales data of smartphone and tablets is crazy. These devices are ideal gifts for friends and family. If an attacker gets an access to Bluetooth of your smartphone, he can steal lot of your personal information. It is very easy to impersonate a Bluetooth device and use it to steal information.
3. Drones and camera-enabled devices:
Cyber criminals can steal lot of your sensitive personal data by misusing the Drone and its technology. All they need need is to connect to an open WiFi network while a drone is flying overhead. Connecting to an unsecured network is always harmful.
4. Kid Gadgets: E-books, remote control cars:
Kids love connecting with the technology and gadgets. While you may think that children toys have limited use-test case and thus, they can be safe. But in fact, the toys that can connect to the internet connection can be hacked and personal data can be misused.

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