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4 Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Gone are the days when Gmail was used to just send and Chromereceive emails. Google’s email service offers much more features than just sending/receiving emails. You can integrate multiple cloud storage, enable experimental plugins with Gmail. Today we have listed top 5 ways to get the most out of Gmail.

 1. MailTrack

 MailTrack lets you track if your email has been read. Users have got used to blue tick marks on WhatsApp that indicates your message have been read. MailTrack offers similar functionality via a Chrome extension. You can get free email tracking, desktop and email notifications and history. However, the tool adds ‘Sent with MailTrack’ signature to all your emails. You can upgrade to pro account to get rid of the sign. The pro version costs $3.50 per month.

 2. Dmail

 You can send ‘self destructing’ emails using Dmail. The tool is more like from a sci-fi movie. The message sent with Dmail gets automatically destructed after recipient has read it. Dmail is a Chrome extension. The tool is still in beta stage. After installing the extension, you will find Dmail toggle button in compose window of your Gmail.

 3. Mail2Cloud

Mail2Cloud is a free chrome extension that helps you schedule your emails. The extension adds a small button to your compose window. The button helps you set a date and time to schedule the sending of the email. This extension also offers Save & Share feature that helps you create PDF of an email and save it to your cloud storage. There are some additional features like, email tracking and self destruct, which makes this tool all-in-one solution.

 4. Rapportive

Rapportive is a free Chrome extension that searches information like a photograph, alternate email, Twitter ID, LinkedIn profile and other publicly available information of a sender. The extension shows all this information where normally ads appear. This helps you get detailed information about the email sender.

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