January 28, 2021

3DPrinterOS Introduces 3D Printing OS

3DPrinterOS announced the launch of industry’s first cloud-based 3DPrinterOSoperating system for 3D printing and design collaboration. Through this single platform, users can efficiently manage and share available printers in real-time, while also searching for or uploading design files formatted in CAD, STL, AMF, PLY, OBJ, STL or Gcodes. Aiming to accelerate mass adoption of this emerging technology, 3DPrinterOS gives users free access to vast network of 3D manufacturing hubs worldwide.

The OS will be available for free to Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi users, and will support most 3D printers.

It will also come with customisable settings, downloadable stls and the “Magic Fix” app, in addition to facilitating plug-and-play 3D printer connectivity to the cloud using any internet based device.

With the new OS, printer manufacturers will be able to streamline printing process by embedding a system software compatible with 3D printers. The cloud-based solution cuts the time to slice a 3D file from 15 minutes to 15 seconds.