3Doodler Pens Now Shipping To Excited Kickstarter Backers

3-dooder-logo71Draw in the air with the world’s first 3D Printing pen 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen that you can hold in your hand, is now shipping on time to earlybird Kickstarter backers. 3Doodler allows people to create amazing 3D objects limited only by their own imagination. Whether freestyle 3D sketching or tracing shapes from templates to make larger architectural structures, the compact and easy to use 3Doodler allows you to literally draw in the air.

3Doodler smashed its target goal within hours of launch on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, and the pens will now begin shipping to 3Doodler’s nearly 30, 000 backers who helped them raise over $2.3 million. Since becoming one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of all time, the 3Doodler has been hotly anticipated with a waiting list that boasts some of the best-known names in architecture, art and design – scale model bikes, Brazilian parrots and even small-scale models of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Brandenburger Gate are just a few of the works that have been created.

Daniel Cowen, 3Doodler Co-Founder, explains: “3Doodler combines the complexity of 3D printing and the simplicity of drawing to put the power of 3D creation into anyone’s hands; bringing imagination and creation even closer together. We’re thrilled to be on schedule with production and delivering on time to our 3Doodler backers this month, and we can’t wait to see what they create. Especially as our Kickstarter backers are the ones who helped us grow the project and make it a reality.

Just like more expensive 3D printers on the market, 3Doodler uses both ABS and PLA plastic as the pen’s “ink”. ABS is very impact resilient and one of the most common plastics around, while PLA is a biodegradable “bioplastic” with a lower melting temperature than ABS, and very well suited to Doodling on glass, metal, or in other mixed medium creations. You can read more about the benefits of each on the 3Doodler website. 3Doodler has developed straight cut 10″ strands of plastic optimized for the 3Doodler pen, and buyers will receive 50 strands of plastic with each pen in a variety of eye-catching colors.

By raising the pen as you Doodle, the plastic is lifted off of the page and “draws” in the air, so the creator is free to design any shape, object or model that comes to mind. 3Doodler provides a wide array of creative possibilities, but is easy to use and requires only a power socket and a strand of plastic to start drawing within minutes. itvoice

Maxwell Bogue, Co-Founder & CEO of WobbleWorks, the maker of 3Doodler, explains: “3Doodler allows people to push the boundaries of design and be creative, without restrictions such as access to sophisticated software programs. There are serious commercial applications of course, but the 3Doodler is affordable enough to appeal to a wide variety of consumers too.

To pre-order the 3Doodler now for $99 just visit http://www.the3doodler.com. The pen ships to almost anywhere in the world for $15 or less, along with a plug pack relevant to your country. Delivery is estimated for February 2014, if not before, and the 3Doodler will hit retail in early 2014.