Power Pillow developed, charges laptops and mobiles straight from the bedside

Power-Pillow-charger-canada-635A designer duo in Canada has developed a smart pillow that charges smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Called the ‘Power Pillow’, it is designed to reside on the sofa or bed, and comes in handy when a wall socket either isn’t available or not in close proximity.

The Power Pillow looks like an ordinary pillow and is available in a range of different designs.

It houses a lithium-polymer battery pack, with two USB ports to charge electronic devices, ‘Gizmag’ reported.

“Passionate about making designs that work for people; it occurred to us that charging often means abandoning your device at a wall socket when you would rather be using it. We set about designing a method of charging that was pleasant and comforting,” its makers, from Halifax, Canada said on Kickstarter website.

Seven prototypes of the pillow have been made to help users “experience the convenience of lounging while charging”.

Another advantage of using the pillow is that people waiting for an important phone call, text, or email don’t have to abandon their smartphone or tablet in another room while it recharges.




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