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Reboot provides its customers with the best portfolio of customizable solutions for individual, sme and corporate/ institutions – so that our customers can get what’s best for them, than what’s possibly the

Intel PC Business Down, Data Center Up In Q4

News-Intel  fourth-quarter earnings saw more bad news for its PC business but improvement for its data center sales. The world’s largest chip maker reported fourth-quarter revenue of $13.5 billion, slightly below analysts’

Cisco drops Linksys as Belkin grabs over

Pre existing rumors about Cisco wanting to sell its home router division have actually taken real shape. Early this afternoon, Belkin made an announcement that it was heading towards acquiring Cisco’s home

Sony fined $400,000 fine over major security breach

Sony the popular electronic giant has been fined for a breach that compromised with the personal information of its customers using PlayStation video-game consoles by Britain’s data watchdog. April 2011’s cyber attack