February 26, 2021

Rajasthan Information Technology Organization (RITO)






Rajasthan Information Technology Organization (RITO)

RITO is committed to the betterment and promotion of IT, related products,IT HR, IT Education and IT services in the state of Rajasthan

Goal: Awareness of latest Information technology
Better Employment
FOSS Education

Vision:To develop IT Environment
To update competitive information for IT and IT enabled service

Rajasthan Information Technology Organization formed with an aim to expedite IT penetration in the state of Rajasthan, a Rajasthan based organization, has been established to fulfill the task. Besides IT hardware, the organization will be working towards the betterment of IT entrepreneurs, IT partners, IT education, software companies, vendors, telecoms, distributors, power sectors, IT HR and IT persons for the entire state of Rajasthan. RITO has become a nodal organization which plans for IT growth and is committed to work for the development of Rajasthan IT industry.

It is emerging as the most important IT forum in the state. Started with 7 core office bearers. The association has members from across Rajasthan. “This concept was proposed by the Rajasthan government to promote the benefits of IT in all departments of the state government. RITO covers wide spectrum of IT related sectors and their issues. Therefore, we do not compete or have a clash with any existing organizations. Moving forward, RITO will be adding new chapters into our fold.”

“Today, Rajasthan has lower adoption of IT as compared to other states like Kerala, Andra Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Karnataka. So, our intention is to educate all the shareholders including corporate, government and end-customers and sensitize them for the needs and benefits of IT.” RITO is also planning for a IT Helpline Call Centre to educate the customer about latest technology and their availabity. RITO will start educational chapter and training centre. RITO is planning to give the support to all IT segment of Rajasthan to Promote IT. Today and tomorrow we all will be a part of IT.

for more details contact: info@rito.org.in