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Zynga launches games for harry potter fans

Harry Potter had created a world where things that people used to imagine, they felt it in books as well in the movie theatres. Furthermore, there was a wave amongst everyone as every person was reading the same book and watching the same movie and then gathering around to discuss it.

Therefore, Zynga (a known platform for providing the best online games) has come up with a cool series of puzzles and spells for fans based on the popular movie series of all time; harry potter.

The game is recently and users are already loving it. The social video service has stayed real to the actual interpretation of the mega-hit movie series. The game is filled with exceptionally good moments and offers a platform where users can experience as if they are playing with real wizards.

The online gaming platform can be accessed through many channels. You can use it by installing it from the Google play store and Apple app store. Also, Facebook too offers its users to enjoy the online games in its platform, Facebook gaming store. Or you can also play and install it from the Amazon app store.
Harry Potter’s producer, the warner bros has licensed the rights to Zynga to produce online games for harry potter fans.


Image from Zynga


To make it even more interesting, Zynga will also incorporate voice-over of different characters who had been a part of the film. There will be different challenges at different levels from casting of spells to finding pieces of chess.

The online gaming platform due to its initiatives has become more popular and significant to several people than it was before.

For some people, gaming is a source of escape from the real world but after the launch of harry potter games, it has been able to serve its purpose of reflecting comfort and entertainment at the same time and creating connections with other fellow users.

Also, these gaming platforms are so popular among people. The hype is so much that it has the potential to generate more than seventy billion dollars (which is way more than last year’s revenue)