February 28, 2021

Zynga has launched a game called ‘Running With Friends’

Zynga launches Running with Friends for iOS, another game to watch out for in the popular genre of running games.run-with-friends-screens-730x318-e1358877211128

Finally a worthy competitor for Temple Run, Zynga has launched a game called ‘Running With Friends’ to its portfolio of games.

Set in Pamplona, Spain, Running with Friends is a 3D action arcade game for iOS devices. The gameplay involves running through the streets of Pamplona, Spain, during the annual running of bulls. Players will have to evade obstacles like bulls, cars and barrels, and compete with friends for a place on the leaderboards. Players will also have an option of exploring a virtual Pamplona.

“We are committed to expanding Zynga’s mobile portfolio to bring players the most fun, social, and accessible games to play with their friends,” said Travis Boatman, Zynga’s senior vice president of mobile, in a press release. “Launching Running With Friends is a natural fit for us as we combine the excitement of the runner category with the social elements of our ‘With Friends’ franchise.”

It’s a high tempo game where players compete with friends in three rounds, aiming to dodge obstacles by tilting the screen horizontally and vertically. Gamers can also ride a bull for bonuses, and have an option to select their own in-game character. They can play as a ninja, ballerina or a zombie.

Running with Friends was developed by Zynga in collaboration with Eat Sleep Play, the team behind the game series Twisted Metal. Running with Friends is available for free on the Apple iTunes App Store for all iOS platforms.