Zopper acquires cloud-based retail Easy POS

Zopper, a hyper-local market place has acquired Easy POS Solutions, a cloud based point of sale software system for billing, inventory, employee and loyalty management.
Zopper has made acquired the POS platform in mixed cash and equity deal and has valued the company at Rs 33 crores, with the intent to creating a long-term association and value for its partner retailers.
A POS solution helps a company in organising its overall sales and gives it an easy reach to small and medium enterprises. By joining hands with EasyPOS, Zopper envisions facilitating its partner retailers to provide increased selection and latest prices to its marketplace users on a real time basis.
Neeraj Jain, co-founder Zopper said: “EasyPOS is an excellent product built by a brilliant team. Witnessing its tremendous acceptance among sellers, along with its great strategic and cultural fit, we decided to go ahead with the acquisition.”
Retailers who have EasyPOS installed will be able to operate on Zopper through EasyPOS’ interface including adding prices to Zopper platform, sharing inventory and accepting and shipping orders.
“By deploying the Easy POS solution at the retailers’ outlet, we will be empowering them to make smarter decisions on inventory management, demand estimation, local area consumer marketing, analytics, trends etc. in addition to making the listing, selling and tracking on the Zopper platform easier,” said Harneet Singh, the CBO of Zopper.