August 10, 2020

Ziox has a very vast portfolio of feature phones- Mr. Deepak Kabu (CEO, Ziox Mobiles)

“In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Deepak Kabu (CEO, Ziox Mobiles), reveals his strategies for business in India…„

                                                                                 ITVoice:- What is your hold on Indian market?

Mr.Deepak Kabu (CEO, Ziox Mobiles)
Mr.Deepak Kabu (CEO, Ziox Mobiles)

Mr.Deepak Kabu:- Ziox Mobiles has been gaining significant market Share, on the back of an aggressive retail and go to market strategy. The brand has made rapid inroads into the smallest of neighborhood stores, not only increasing the dealer count but also establishing the stronger network.

The mobile phone market is expected to grow and the trend will continue. Currently our key focus remains the Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities which is where we are gaining our stronger foothold too.We intend to occupy around 5% by FY17-18.

ITVoice:- How do you propose to compete with the leading mobile and tablet companies?

Mr.Deepak Kabu:- Ziox is relatively a young brand in the market. The market is extremely volatile and dynamic especially when it comes to the Mobile segment. Though Ziox is a new entrant we are walking ahead matching the steps with several leading players, holding the position making sure to provide the best to the consumers.

In order to compete with the existing players, Ziox has kept its offerings and after sales service as the key, it’s the quality of the productthat makes sure Ziox offers technological superior products at a price which is affordable for every age group.  Apart from which, after Sales service does play one of the crucial role – Ziox strives to bring the best service to the consumers. We have established over 600+ service centers across India, as touch points exclusive to the needs of the consumers.

Lastly, keeping up with the trends Ziox has recently launched 4G smartphone at a very affordable price point tailored specific to our audience.

ITVoice:- What are your surge strategies?

Mr.Deepak Kabu:- There are 4 major factors which make Ziox a very strong and powerful brand in the market. Our key strength is ‘Quality’,technological superior products at very affordable prices without comprising on the quality at any cost. Next being Aggressive Marketing, Soon, we also have Celebrity association on the cards and by March we will be coming up with 360-degree campaign to reach out to engage with our TG.Service always remains our pillar of strength, our brand has around 600+ service centres across India to provide a comprehensive after sales service support to its customers. Ziox handsets also come with an assured 10 days’ service policy.images


Last but not the least it’s the Distribution that lets us spread our reach at Pan India Level. We have worked hard to expand our offline distribution to cover width and breadth of the nation by appointing 500+ Distributors and sellers etc… the tally goes on and on. We are one of the fastest growing mobile phones brand in the country with a reach to 25000+ retail stores and counting. In terms of strategic partnerships, we have very recently tied up with several leading e-commerce partners.

ITVoice:- What are your marketing strategies?

Mr.Deepak Kabu:- We have planned several channel partners meets at Pan India level to help us determine the key aspects to focus and to strengthen our relations with them.

“To promote our products and penetrate further into the Indian markets we are offering lucrative & attractive Trade schemes on our products and to familiarize the customer with our efficient handsets we have laid out a strategic plan for BTL activities across Pan India.”

In the near future, we also have Celebrity association on the cards and by March we will be coming up with 360-degree campaign to reach out to engage with our TG.

ITVoice:- What are your next Mobile models to be launched in India?

Mr.Deepak Kabu:- Ziox has a very vast portfolio of feature phones. Last year we introduced around 20-25 features phones which has been a huge hit in the market.  We have also launched around 8-10 3G smart phones in the year 2016.For this year we have already laid out a strategic plan and we have recently launched 4G Smartphone within the price range of 6K.

After having a strong hold in the market for our Mobile handsets we shall also be tapping into new sectors namely Mobile Accessories, LED TV’s and Air Purifiers to make our brand bigger and better.

ITVoice:- What impact has 4G left on the mobile and tablet market?

Mr.Deepak Kabu:- 4G has left a significant impact on mobile & Tablet industry.  Everyone is now moving towards 4G and so are we. Recently we have launched our first 4G smartphone which comes with bold looks, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, dual sim and also has 21 languages support. It is available in the market for a very affordable price range of around 6k. With a massive battery of 3000 mAh and 8GB internal memory this device is definitely the best choice for the consumers of every class and every age group.

4G is the newest trend of the market and has surely played a pivotal role for several new developments of the Industry.

ITVoice:- What are your best-selling Mobile models?

Mr.Deepak Kabu:- Ziox has unveiled a number of feature phones & smartphones in the year 2016, each of which caters to a specific demand in the market.

However, we can point out three of the best offers from Ziox that really stood out in the markets – our star seller S337+ (Feature Phone) with 8GB of internal memory and 100 pre-loaded video songs. Secondly our– Zelfie, which is the feature phone with a selfie camera with LED Flash and last but not the least we have the Astra Zing+ smartphone that runs on the latest Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system.

ITVoice:-What differentiates you from other competitors?

Mr.Deepak Kabu:- There are a few parameters on which a Ziox device has an edge over others, Ziox Mobiles comprises on giving the best to its consumers so they assure good quality products. As these mobiles are for every age group they are easy to access and are less complicated. Ziox Mobiles also assures 10 days service or replacement to the consumers to make sure that they are satisfied with the product and can handle the device easily. Along with the customers the brand also makes it a point that their channel partners are satisfied with the products launched. Our products go through rigorous quality checks before they hit the market shelves which assure maximum reliability to the consumers against the market flooded with devices which are neither quality assured nor easy to use.

ITVoice:- Who are your major distributing partners?

Mr.Deepak Kabu:- The brand has worked hard to expand its offline distribution to cover by appointing 500+ Distributors and more. We are one of the fastest growing mobile phones brand in the country, with a reach to 25000+ retail stores and counting.In terms of strategic associations, we have very recently tied up with several leading e-commerce partners.