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Zion Has Launched Its XTreme Series DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module

Abacus Peripherals has  announced one  month ago its new ZION ZION XTreme Series DDR3XTREME SERIES – DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module, designed for hardcore gamers . Equipped with sheild-like heatspreader, the XTreme Series has been designed to withstand the high intensities during peak gaming.

ZION XTREME SERIES DDR3 Overclocking Memory Modules are designed to meet the demands of hard-coregamers on high performance and is relatively easy to overclock when needed. The heatspreader  in standard height can avoid the problem of mechanical interference between the heatspreader and the large CPU cooler.!

“ZION XTreme Gaming Series” have the clock rate ranging from DDR3-1600MHz to DDR3-2133MHz with capacity of 4GB and 8GB from a single memory and 8GBKit and 16GBKit from dual-channel package, which meets gamers’ requirements on high frequency, high capacity, low cas latency, low power consumption, etc. “ZION XTreme Gaming Series” supports complete range of Intel latest motherbords chipsets and are backward compatible with platforms including Intel Z97X Series, demonstrating excellent compatibility.

To provide overclocking thrills for more gamers, “ZION XTreme Gaming Series” all support Intel XMP and make overclocking much easier to use. Via XMP overclocking, even the starters of the overclocking players can achieve top overclocking performance.