Zebronics launches circular dial fitness watch Zeb-FIT650 ,80 cms curved ZEB-AC32FHD LED and 8000 mAH trendy powerbank called ZEB-PG8000A

Get fit in style with the Zebronics Zeb-FIT650

Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, sound system, mobile/lifestyle accessories and surveillance products has launched a circular dial fitness watch that is a total up on style dubbed as ‘Zeb-FIT650’

If your life revolves between making trips to office & home while your weekends are either spent on running errands or lazing around doing nothing. It’s never too late to switch to the healthier side by starting with taking a brisk walk or taking up your favorite sport. When you can calculate the steps and track your progress, you’re able to  measure yourself.

The Zeb-FIT650 is designed differently, it looks like a watch with a circular design but it really is a fitness band, giving you an edge in terms of style. The watch has a smooth design and comes in a glossy finish. The strap comes in different textures of leather finish and silicone.

Measure your progress diligently with the Zeb-FIT650 which has features like pedometer where you can track the amount of steps you’ve taken throughout the day. Calorie burnt is another function that helps you count the calories you’ve burnt during the day. The band also features a heart rate monitor, distance tracker, a sedentary reminder to keep you on your feet when you’re inactive and a sleep track monitor, to help you ace for a better sleeping mechanism.

You can still keep a track of your notifications and messages with this band. It also has an anti-lost alert feature and find phone will help you locate your phone easily .You can even go clicking with the camera remote shutter or simply change the music with a touch of a button.

Speaking on the launch of the  fitness band, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics India says, “Fitness has always been a priority. People have gone from buying watches to buying fitness bands that measure their fitness progress on a day today basis and enable them to keep fit. Our Zeb-Fit650 fitness watch will not only keep them fit but also keep them on top their game when it comes to style ”

To get started all you need to do is, download the ZEB FIT450/650 App ( Android or iOS) and strap your band on the wrist. The band is available in two variants either leather finish strap or a in a silicon material strap at leading retail stores across India.

Dive into the immersive experience with Zebronics 80 cms curved  ZEB-AC32FHD LED

After a casual work day, you’d like to come home and experience entertainment on a bigger screen, watching movies or having endless hour of gaming session. The bigger screen experience entices the entire visual  journey with high contrast ratio, better aspects and an experience that is truly magnifying and immersive.

Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, sound system, mobile/lifestyle accessories and surveillance products has launched it’s premium 80 cms curved LED dubbed ZEB-AC32FHD LED monitor.

The ZEB-AC32FHD LED comes in a sleek yet minimalistic design with a curved edge making the viewing truly stunning. Apart from the viewing experience it also has a built-in speaker to elevate the overall experience. 

The monitor comes equipped with input options like DisplayPort and HDMI. Watch the colors come alive with deeper blacks, whiter brights and rich colors. It has 500000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with 178 degree viewing angle and a curved screen for a constant viewing distance. It also has an ultra slim bezel and a thin profile in reducing the distraction while you enjoy the immersive experience.

The LED monitor comes with buttons on the back for menu, back, up/down and on/off switch. It also has a DC input along with input for headphone Jack, DP & HDMI port. With a 144HZ refresh rate, the monitor gives faster reactions while you’re gaming. Keeping the style factor intact this monitor comes in a glossy panel and an ultra slim bezel and is wall mountable too.

Speaking on the launch of the product, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics India says, “Monitors are truly revolutionary, they’ve become more personalized offering a in-depth experience.We took to the opportunity being the first Indian brand to have launch our latest  LED monitor ZEB-AC32FHD, which is a 80 cms wide curved LED monitor that is built for a truly immersive experience. It’s for those who want to take their viewing experience to the next level”

The product is available at leading stores across India.

Zebronics launches 8000 mAH trendy powerbank called ZEB-PG8000A

Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, sound systems, mobile/ lifestyle accessories and surveillance products has launched a 8000 mAH power bank ZEB-PG8000A which has an added element of style.

Sporting a rather smooth finish and a metal body , this powerbank is an absolute must for anyone wanting to score high when it comes to multitasking on their phone. Featuring a compact design ZEB-PG8000A is not only powerful but compact too.

Built with heavy duty, the powerbank comes with 8000 mAH capacity with a max output of 2A. It comes with an LED indicator for battery indication.

This powerbank is a stunner because it comes in a metal body with colors like rose gold, gold, silver & black. It has an added style element so you can pull this out at festivals, functions and it makes a perfect gifting option for special occasions, birthdays & anniversaries. Don’t fret about overcharging, overloading or short circuit issues as this powerbank covers all that being the best in terms of safety, style, functionality, and compatibility.

Commenting on the newest launch,Pradeep Doshi, Director, Zebronics says ”Phone has increasingly  become a multi-tasking product meaning with more work consumed there is more battery consumption.With our ZEB-PG8000A power bank one will not only stay ahead in terms of power but also style element too”

Compatible with most devices, this power bank is available in all leading stores across India.