August 12, 2020

Zebronics launches a car charger ‘ZEB-CC242A2’,launches revolutionary compact earphones dubbed ‘Zeb-Peace’ with voice assistance and flagship chassis dubbed Zeus

Zebronics launches a car charger ‘ZEB-CC242A2’

Zebronics, India’s leading supplier of IT peripherals,sound systems,mobile/ lifestyle accessories, and surveillance products adds a new car charger ‘ZEB-CC242A2’ to its extensive range of mobile accessories.

If you’ve always been driven, spending most of your commute time on mobile has become a necessity whether it’s for entertainment or attending to work calls and schedules after work to have a better head start to next day. With the exceeding internet usage, it’s more than a must to have your car equipped with a car charger.

ZEB-CC242A2 is a simple on design car charger that comes with an overall matte finish give it rather a premium look and feel. It has dual USB ports with a total of 2.4A output for effortless charging.

Commenting on the launch of the product, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics India says “We’ve been very particular in terms of upgrading our product line whether it’s our speakers range or something as small as a car charger, since we believe in staying ahead with technology.”

The product is available in all leading retail stores across India 

Zebronics launches revolutionary compact earphones dubbed ‘Zeb-Peace’ with voice assistance

Enjoy the hands free experience with true wireless earphone ‘Zeb-Peace’

Music makes even the most monotonous workout productive with good beats to get through arduous hours of training. Get instant motivation while you listen to podcasts or play your music numbers back to back without the hindrance of wired tangle mess. Our Zeb-peace is going to help you ease down with its true wireless technology geared to have your peace in place. 

Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, sound system, mobile/lifestyle accessories and surveillance products has launched a revolutionary true  wireless earphone experience with ‘Zeb-Peace’.

Zeb-peace is a true wireless experience meaning it operates like a stand alone wireless headset with no wires involved. It looks premium with a sporty design and an overall glossy finish. The earphones are designed like the crescent which are splash proof and absolutely lightweight at 4 grams each.

Snug fit

The  earpods are designed with precision for a secure, comfortable and snug fit. So while you’re lifting weights, running a mile or just taking a walk the earpods will not fall off. They’re designed precisely so that you can focus on what’s more important to you.

Pairing/ call function

The pairing with this headset is real quick, it can be paired individually as headset or together to work like a stereo earphone. Once paired you can take calls with a touch and enjoy the clarity that the microphone offers.

Voice assistance

 Ask more questions and get instant replies with voice assistance support for Android and iOS devices. Find out which route to take or find the weather conditions in a jiffy with a double press assistant shortcut on this earpod. 

Rechargeable battery case

Don’t fret over the battery life because this model comes with a portable charging case when charged can offer additional battery life of about 6 hours. You can put the earpods back into their spot and have it charging on the go. The battery case is extremely light and can easily fit into a pocket.

Speaking on the newest launch, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics says,”Everyone is joining the wireless revolution but with our Zeb-peace we’re taking it up a notch with voice assistance for Android and iOS devices.”

“Remain entertained with our true wireless earphone that will offer you peace of mind minus the wired tangles”

The wireless earphone comes in black color and is available with leading retail stores across India.

Zebronics launches its flagship chassis dubbed Zeus from its gamer’s dream range

Tempered glass, RGB fan, extra space and a lot more for gamers with the Zeus

Zebronics has introduced it’s premium range dubbed as Gamer’s dream which covers an extensive range of chassis, keyboards, headphones out of this range comes Zeus, a flagship chassis which is nothing short of a stunner.

  • Tempered glass on sides and front

  • Sliding side panels

  • RGB LED strips

  • Large 200mm front RGB fans

  • Upto 175mm CPU cooler and 390mm GPU

  • Dual USB 3.0

  • Can support upto 5 fans with fan controller

  • 1mm thickness/9.5kg weight

Gamers dream range is a premium gaming range that has products like chassis, keyboard, headphones, mouse and power supply exclusively.

Tempered glass sliding doors on the side, magnetic dust filter on the top with RGB strips that  and a cooling that will truly have your attention, Zeus is all that and much more.

Apart from looking premium this mid tower chassis has a tempered glass on both sides and on front. There are sliding type side panels which makes it an effortless ordeal. Zeus  is rigged with LED’s like for instance it has side RGB LED strips to give it an exceptional feel with features like upto 175mm CPU cooler and 390mm GPU.

Zeus has side RGB LED strips. It  comes with  5 fans with two 200mm fans on the front  and dual 120mm fans on the top and one 120mm fan in the rear with ring LEDs.

The fan controller which is on the front panel has modes which can change from low, medium to high. The tempered glass along with all its features radiates premium looks wise and its overall weight 9.5 Kg.

Commenting on its newest addition to its gaming category, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics, says, “The gaming community is always on the lookout  when it comes to buying premium gaming products the war is always between functionality, style and the price factor that describes them best. We feel that our Gamer’s dream range offers the best take for instance our Zeus, it’s well built and has enough cooling solutions and storage space that helps gamers dream even bigger”

The product is already available in leading retail stores across India.