Zebpay Announced Bitcoin India Agreement

Zebpay, a mobile Bitcoin Wallet has announced the launch of Bitcoin zebpay-logoIndia Alliance, an alliance of all Bitcoin companies in India.

The alliance will work to spread Bitcoin awareness and adoption in India. It will also be the body to represent Indian Bitcoin industry to government and other associations.

This was claimed to be the first-of-its-kind meet with the audience of around 400 people including the Top Industry leaders of Ahmedabad, FICCI, Senior chamber members and the Business School students. The Bitcoin event’s purpose was to spread awareness and educate about bitcoins among the industrialists, students, techies and general public. The event was sponsored and attended by all leading Indian bitcoin companies like CoinSecure, iGot, Blockstreet and CoinTelegraph India.

Anar Patel, Gujarat Chief Minister’s daughter was also amongst  the panelists who were present in the occasion with her support to the bitcoin community and moreover, helping to make Ahmedabad the Indian hub of bitcoin innovation in the country.

Saurabh Agrawal, JT-CEO, Zebpay said, “This is our first step towards decoding the future of money. The audience appreciated this first ever initiative in the country to educate people about bitcoins in an easy to understand format. We also made efforts to communicate to the people along with leading firms and influential bodies that bitcoins is legal in India just like everywhere else and people can freely buy and sell bitcoins.”

Sandeep Goenka, JT-CEO, Zebpay further announced about the new features which are a first for any bitcoin company in India. Users of Zebpay app can buy bitcoins easily from their mobile phone. They can also buy vouchers for Flipkart.com and Amazon.in  at 10% off.

Zebpay was incorporated in 2014 in Singapore and their software development happened in the India office. Zebpay won CoinAgenda’s Best New Company award in October 2014.