Zeb launches latest ‘Orient Tower Speakers’ with colour changing lights, new smart phone car mounts and smarter of the smart watches “Smart Time 100” – IT Voice | Online IT Media

Zeb launches latest ‘Orient Tower Speakers’ with colour changing lights, new smart phone car mounts and smarter of the smart watches “Smart Time 100”

Smartwatch comes with bluetooth headset ZEB-BH502
Smart_time_100Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd., the leading IT Peripherals and Accessories brand, has announced the launch of its Smartwatch – Smart Time 100 – to strengthen its position in the wearables devices market. Smart Time 100 comes with 64MB RAM and 32MB internal memory, you can expand the memory upto 32GB with a micro SD card. The built-in battery has standby time of up to 150 hours, while it offers a talk time of up to 3 hours on bluetooth. Smart Time 100 comes with 3.9cms capacitive touch screen display. It has a SIM slot where a micro SIM can be inserted to make use of the smartwatch as a standalone device.
“Zebronics has always been ahead in bring the best of novel technologies to the tech-savvy consumers of India. Smart Time 100, too, will have a huge impact with its rich features. It makes communication between devices and people simpler, easier and convenient. With the additional advantage of fitness data, it can easily appeal to fitness freaks,” said Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director, Zebronics, adding that the device will strengthen their position in the smart wearable business in India.
Smart Time100 comes in combo with ZEB-BH502, a bluetooth headset for easy handling of calls. The smartphone can be paired with the Smart Time100 with bluetooth for calls or your can use Smart Time 100 even without any smartphone too as it comes with sim card support. Smart TIme 100 also has an inbuilt speaker and mic to take and answer calls with just a touch. The in-built speaker is adequately loud to answer voice call, without the need of lifting the hand and juxtaposing to the ear. Adding to convenience is the bluetooth headset, which can be used to take or answer calls on the go. Apart from alerting about who’s calling, the watch notifies the SMS, Email and much more.
The premium looking watch that looks great on wrist is a blend of innovative technologies and design to make life better and beautiful. Staying fit is challenge for everyone in todays busy times, and keeping a tab on the fitness goals necessities technology as it measures the progress made. Smart Time100 has a sedentary reminder functionality, prompting you to move or simply take a walk if you had been sitting for so long in a place. The sleep tracking functionality in the wrist piece updates about the quality of sleep. Its in-built pedometer keeps the wearer informed about the distance walked and also the calorie count.
With the touch screen display, watching videos and listening to audio compositions using the inbuilt audio and video player will be a breeze. Some more interesting features like built-in mic, anti-lost, magic voice, call recording, browser, vibration, remote capture, SMS, FM will promise to take the experience of using Smart Time100 to an all new level. It also comes with built-in camera which can be use to take images or videos.
ZEB-CH702UM and ZEB-CH60UM introduced
The famous brand, riding high on the success of these wide-ranging accessorysmartphone_car_mount products has come out with two new mobile accessory products ZEB-CH60UM and ZEB-CH702UM – car mounts for smartphones.
The working mechanism of these car mounts is simple! The base of the stands mounts directly on the 12v port of the car, it uses the same same port as mount and power both, and the mobile has to be placed on the mobile holder in the case of ZEB-CH702UM, while ZEB-CH60UM has powerful magnets that can hold the mobile intact.
“In an attempt to make driving convenient, and owing to demand for these accessories, we have launched these two products, car phone mount. Both of these are high quality products which are built to last.” said Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director, Zebronics.
ZEB-CH60UM is built with high quality materials and has a flexible neck and adjustable rotation of 360 degrees to give an optimized viewing. The sticky magnetic-stand holder can keep the mobile firm in its position. ZEB-CH60UM works with phones of varying sizes and is compatible with most of the smartphones. The USB charging port in it will ensure the phone stays online at all times. The LED indicator lets us know if the power is in on or off mode.
The versatile ZEB-CH702UM is also fashioned similar to ZEB-CH60UM, however, the mobile is held in a case without the use of magnet. The holder is sized appropriately to maximize the functionality and looks great when placed in the car. The sturdy ZEB-CH702UM also sports 2 USB charging ports. ZEB-CH702UM as well as ZEB-CH60UM are built to prevent short-circuit and provide over-charge protection.
Both of these products are covered with 1 year warranty. The products are available online and in all leading retail stores across India.
Bluetooth Connectivity – Monster Sound with Good Looks –  FM Radio Playback 
orientHoused in a wooden enclosure, not only Orient brings unparalleled sound experience but also boasts enchanting visuals that compliments its slim design along with the color changing lights, that adds style to the room.
Integrated with 4 drivers that delivers incredibly powerful sound in such a small footprint, the orient Tower Speaker fills your room with clear powerful sound. Regardless of where it is kept, the orient Tower Speaker will be the center of attraction, with its powerful sound and color changing lights, that lets you make some noise with Monster SOUND. Designed for both move and music enthusiasts, Orient brings that edge of innovation.
To give you ultimate comfort and convenience, the orient Tower speakers has Bluetooth connectivity that enables you stream music directly from your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled devices seamlessly. To enhance your multimedia experience, you also get AUX Input, USB/TF Card & FM Radio Support.
Speaking on the launch, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics says, “Orient is a very good looking speaker, which shall surely surprise you with its sound quality for a such a small size. The speaker truly resonates the brand philosophy – The commitment to provide more options to the consumers, even in a single tower speaker category, which is well seen with our vast range of products.”
To enrich your user experience, the speaker can also be controlled wirelessly with a remote which enables you to change tracks, adjust volume, and control the system at your convenience from a distance. Furthermore, you also have dedicated control buttons on the speaker itself to facilitate better usage.
The speaker is available with 1year warranty, across leading retail and ecommerce portals across India. To know more: Log on to zebronics.com