Yugabyte Delivers Spring Data YugabyteDB to Accelerate Distributed SQL Adoption for Microservices

Yugabyte, the leader in open source distributed SQL databases, today announced the Spring Data YugabyteDB project in collaboration with the Spring Data project team. Spring Data YugabyteDB enables Spring developers to easily use YugabyteDB distributed SQL databases for Spring-based microservice applications, combining the familiar Spring interface with the resilience, scalability, and geo-distribution offered by YugabyteDB. Spring Data YugabyteDB is now available as 100% open source software.

“YugabyteDB is the database of choice for enterprises building modern cloud native applications. Many of our customers rely on Spring Boot as the Java application framework for application modernization and cloud native application development,” said Karthik Ranganathan, CTO of Yugabyte. “By building Spring Data YugabyteDB in collaboration with VMware, we are giving our customers the power and flexibility of distributed SQL with the ease of use of Spring Data.”

The Spring Data project makes it easy for application developers to build stateful applications and microservices that use relational and non-relational databases, map-reduce frameworks, and cloud-based data services. Part of the Spring Data umbrella project, Spring Data YugabyteDB enables developers to connect to YugabyteDB clusters using Yugabyte’s Postgres-compatible API and Cassandra-compatible API. Using cluster and topology-aware Yugabyte Smart Drivers, applications can get better performance and fault tolerance by connecting to any node in a distributed SQL database cluster without the need for an external load balancer.

“We are working with Yugabyte to make YugabyteDB  a first-class citizen in the Spring Data project,” said Ryan Morgan, VP of Software Engineering at VMware. “Application developers are looking for a seamless and uniform way to access databases of their choice in Spring Boot applications. Our collaboration helps make this promise a reality today for YugabyteDB users.”

Key features of Spring Data YugabyteDB include:

  • Consistent and familiar CRUD operations for YugabyteDB with reduced boilerplate code using YugabyteDB templates and repositories
  • Annotation based configuration support for enabling YugabyteDB YsqlRepository
  • Support for ACID transactions using the YugabyteDB Distributed SQL transaction manager
  • Cluster-aware Yugabyte Smart Driver that eliminates the need for a load balancer for scaling relational workloads
  • Topology-awareness that enables geo-distributed applications to achieve low latency by connecting to nodes closest to them
  • Lightweight ORM support based on Spring Data Relational ORM
  • Simplified local dev environment and transition to cloud/production using Spring Boot Data Yugabyte and Spring Profiles

Yugabyte is hosting the third annual Distributed SQL Summit on September 21-23. The virtual summit, which is free to attend, includes technical sessions and hands-on workshops where participants will learn how to use Spring Data YugabyteDB to build cloud native applications. Yugabyte is also a gold sponsor at VMware’s SpringOne conference on September 1-2 this year, and will be demonstrating the power of Spring Data YugabyteDB at the event.

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