YouTube reportedly building a dedicated kids section

YouTube-logoGoogle’s popular video-sharing service, YouTube, might according to a report soon launch a dedicated version for kids that will only include child-oriented content.

The Next Web, citing a report by Information, claims that the Google-owned company is developing a dedicated kids version of YouTube that will filter videos and comments not appropriate for children.

The Google-owned video sharing website, in an attempt to revamp its comments feed, had introducednew tools to help filter out unwelcome voices in September last year.

The Information has cited three people familiar with the matter and claimed that the company is also seeking child-oriented content creators to build content for kids under 10 years of age.

The Next Web further notes that the alleged YouTube version for kids under 10 years old is far from reality, and it is yet to be revealed how the dedicated kids version would work. As of now, there are not many details about the launch of the alleged YouTube version for kids.

Another report has suggested that Google has given about 200 organisations and individuals, which also includes a British Police unit, the ability to ‘flag’ videos (up to 20 videos at once) uploaded to the site, marking them for review for violating the YouTube’s rules.

We expect that the move to flag videos violating YouTube’s guidelines is being rolled out as a part of building a dedicated kids section.

Recently, the YouTube app for Android was updated with improved search, UI and bug fixes.

The new version of the YouTube app (which is now available on the Google Play store) integrated few new features such as allowing the user to find videos, playlists and channels together in search results. Additionally there are now tabs on channel pages for Activity, Videos and Playlists.

Apart from the new integrations, the updated YouTube app brought various bug fixes, including a fix for the Cast icon that used to appear over the player when a Bluetooth device was connected.

Source: NDTV

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