January 17, 2021

Your Phone Bills Could Rise By 10-15% In Coming Months

Mobile phone users could experience a rise of 10-15 % in their phone facebookmobilebills in the coming months. They have also anticipated that telecom operators may resort to an increase in call rates to be able to pay nearly Rs 1.10 lakh crore to the government for the spectrum they have just bought.

Experts have claimed that the rates could go up by 15 per cent in order to increase the annual revenue from $30 billion to $34.5 billion.

Mobile call rates could rise by 10-15 per cent in coming months, carriers have had to keep rates stable or even lower call rates in the recent quarters to retain or add subscribers. Even as the government did not reveal the details of the auction proceeds, the additional debt is expected to significantly increase the finance costs, assuming that the operators facing licence renewals did win back their spectrum.

The industry will need to raise the tariffs by at least 15 per cent to service the spurt in finance costs.