December 5, 2020

You Have Seen Nothing In Indore If You Didn’t Visit Bhadaas Café

We are the generation where importance to health has been brought into light, and people have started to recognise how significant a wholesome mind body soul connection is for an individual to lead a satisfied life.
The speed of time is something humans have taken the responsibility to fight with, and one wants to make the most in this one lifetime. The repercussion is a hurried stressful lifestyle that people are living and deteriorating emotional health from overthinking and anxiety.
We’ve been coming across a lot of places serving healthy food, but now there’s finally a place where you can go for improving your emotional health.
Bhadaas Cafe in Indore is the first of its kind in our country. It has been conceptualised with an idea where people can come and transform all their negative bottled up feelings into positivity by letting it all out.
It is a place where you can break things, create things, make your mind a calmer place to live. With facilities like a break room, a library, a space to paint, play music, meditate and exercise and also lockers to put your phones away for those who’re addicted to scrolling one can choose a from a lot of options.
A sound proof room where you can scream your lungs out and different break room themes based on different areas of our everyday lives; office, relationships and home with all confidentiality and security to cater to everyone’s own subjective needs. Moreover, there’s a counsellor and a psychologist for their customers.