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Yoeki launches zipNACH; digitizes mandate registration

In order to digitalize NACH mandate registration process, Yoeki Soft, one of the most agile business solution providers has recently launched zipNACH, a cloud based solution for validating and automating NACH mandate registration process with an aim to make the process hassle free, time saving and error free for customers.

zipNACH is one of a kind solution that has come up in the market. It is a cloud based system that enables unlimited users and has the ability to integrate with any system through API and is bank agnostic.

Commenting on the launch, Mr.Varun Burman (CEO & spokesperson) of Yoeki Soft, said,“Being one of the most agile business solution providers in the market, we believe in innovating and bringing convenience in the hands of the end user with the help of technology. Therefore, we have come up with a digitalized way of filling mandates which can provide immense support to users and solve their challenges related turnout time and rejections. It has been a well thought product which has evolved considering the practical challenges and thus zipNACH stays relevant in post Aadhaar verdict era.”

Compared to the manual mandate registrations, zipNACH not only reduces the turnaround time but also lowers the operational risk because arising from manual intervention and physical movement of forms.

zipNACH provides pre populated mandates basis validated information and that the product is customizable to a very large extent it can cater to different organizations in different ways. Yoeki soft is a registered ASP with CDAC and NSDL and thus is compliant with the latest norms on eSign process.

In addition, zipNACH is an easy to use platform with a friendly web user interface and a Mobile App solution which allows mobility to the sales force of the corporate.

Since, it is loaded with high security features, zipNACH is considered as one of the most durable and secured platforms for mandate and data processing.

Moreover, with the launch of zipNACH in the market, Yoeki is focusing to capture a market share of 50% within the next one year. They are also planning to come up with more products that provide better solutions to real business problems.