Yahoo rolls out new features for Pet Monkey Messenger bot

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Technology company Yahoo has rolled out some additional features for its Facebook Messenger bot – Pet Monkey. Introduced earlier this year, Pet Monkey is an emoji-loving virtual pet that can share selfies from its “travels”.
As part of the new feature update, Pet Monkey can now serve reports on news and weather from around the world. It can also initiate web searches.
Pet Monkey is now also able to retrieve images, GIFs and videos in the chats. All you need to do is type or say “skills” and check out these new features.
Apart from this, Yahoo has also launched a new bot – Pop chat, on Kik. Available for both iOS and Android, the bot lets you play trivia with your friends. It includes a variety of categories including music, TV and movies, crazy facts and more. You can also chat during games within Kik.
Yahoo recently rolled out support for seven Indian languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi for its Mail app on Android.
Yahoo Mail app on Android has also added new features that are fully compatible with the latest Android Nougat release, thus cutting out extra steps and making multitasking easier.
These include multi-window view, a new feature that allows users to use Yahoo Mail side-by-side with other apps and Quick Actions, which enable users to take more actions straight from their home screen. For instance, users can directly reply to a message right from a notification, without having to open the app.