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Yahoo! Reassigning Old, Unused E-Mail IDs


So your attempt to get a Yahoo! e-mail ID with your name failed as it was already taken? Well, worry not. We earlier reported that Yahoo! will be withdrawing e-mail IDs that have been inactive for a while. And the time is here when you can try your luck. It is handing out old and unused accounts.

For those who had sent in their request before 7 August will start receiving notifications if the choice of their username is available.

The company had asked users to fill a form with their wishlist, stating five user ID options that they would want. So if you don’t get the username, you will be put on to a Watchlist launched by Yahoo! automatically. It will stay there free of cost.
Well, if you are not a part of the Wishlist activity by Yahoo!, you can straightaway jump directly to the shorter Watchlist for $1.99 (Rs 127 approx.). It will let you track up to five usernames for a period of three years. Once it becomes available, Yahoo! will reserve it for you for 14 days before giving it out

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