Xiaomi to roll out stable MIUI 12 update for 42 devices in different batches

Redmi has started rolling out its latest MIUI 12 in a phased manner across India’s devices. The first to receive the update will be the Redmi K20. Many users of the Redmi K20 users reported that they are receiving the latest updates from Redmi. Redmi also confirmed that they plan to roll out the latest software in a phased manner. The significant grades in MIUI 12 are in the Privacy protection policy, System visuals, and System animations departments. The Redmi kK20 will be getting an OTA update of the version V12.0.1.0.QFJINXM of the MIUI 12. MIUI 12 was released back in April, and many forums suggested that it had new system animations, system visuals, and privacy protection, which Redmi parent company Xiaomi revealed in their presentation. Users say they received new animation engines with better performance and enhanced privacy testing through system protection. If any of the devices aren’t receiving updates, they can manually enter into Settings > about phone > System Update and check for the latest updates. The size of the new update is quite heavy at 873MB. Many tweaks have been made in the OS for better performance and better visual looks for the OS. The text now very well compliments the graphics and visual setting, the navigation now is very much like on the stock Android 10. Xiaomi has upgraded the fan-favorite dark mode and an ultra-battery saving power mode. Xiaomi plans to have only 42 devices, which will initially get the MIUI 12 update in different batches. Devices like Redmi 8 are only now receiving the MIUI 11 upgrades. Redmi and Xiaomi have invested a lot in the Indian market and hold quite a percent of market share in pocket-friendly devices. They have continuously upgraded their smartphone lineups, often leaving people confused about which one was the latest device, and this strategy has worked for them in pocket-friendly devices. But they also cater to the demands of heavy device users and provide smartphones like Redmi K20 Pro and Mi 9 which are quite powerful devices and can handle heavy tasks for these devices they keep tweaking the software OS and improving the quality of service.