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Xerox Accelerates Focus On Photo-Printing, Showcases Versant 80 And C70 at PHOTOFEST India 2016

Devices showcased have exceptional color quality and output, making it a great fit for photo-printing segment

Xerox India, a part of Xerox Corporation showcased Xerox Versant 80 with External Fiery and Colour Profiler Suite xerox_printersand Xerox Color C70 with Single OHCF and Embedded Fiery at the PHOTOFEST India 2016 that took place in ADLUX International Convention Centre, Angamaly, Ernakulam, Kerala from 22nd – 24th July, 2016.

Commenting at the event, Mr. Balaji Rajagopalan, Executive Director, Technology, Channels & International Relations said, “Photo-printing is a key segment of growth for us. Given the ever increasing requirements for on-demand printing, photo-albums and other forms of personalized printing, we have witnessed a significant growth in this sector. The Xerox production devices we showcased at the event offer great color pantones, quality offset like finish and most importantly, quicker registration process. The Color C70 has exceptional energy saving capabilities, which gives the customer great savings over a long period of time. The Versant 80 is another great device, especially for the photo-printing segment. Its 10 bit image quality and ultra HD capabilities gives great finish and minute color details, which makes it a must buy for customers doing photo-printing. ”
Furthermore, Balaji said, “It was a great event and we got the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals. Such platforms are a great opportunity for companies like us to showcase our products and reach out to a larger audience. This year the event was a grand success and we saw around 600 people visiting our stalls”

Xerox India launched these products last year which found a great fit for the photo-printing segment. The Xerox Versant 80 provides production press capabilities with walk-up simplicity, offset-quality performance and automated features that remove the guesswork from optimizing image quality, color and registration. Printing at 80 pages-per-minute (ppm), the device delivers ultra HD, 10-bit image quality at 2400 x 2400 dpi and can handle a variety of media types with a compact Belt Fuser system and Xerox’s EA Low Melt Dry Ink. With this production press, one has multiple choices and easier color availability.

The Xerox Color C70 offers the widest range of applications in this market space, including running synthetics, vinyls, window clings, carbonless paper, never-tear paper, transfer papers, magnets and many other unique applications that are made possible with Xerox’s low melt toner & flexible paper path. Furthermore, the newly developed, heat-efficient IH fuser does not require preheating, which helps reduce power consumption in standby mode by 44% compared to a resistance heating device. Also, the power consumption of the scanner using LED lighting is 1/3rd of traditional scanners using fluorescent lamps. With these energy savings, the running electricity costs of the C70 is almost 1/4th to similar press configurations available in the market today.

Mr. Genius and Mr Pradeep, Ideal Print House, Perumbavoor, Xerox’s long standing customer said, “We have been associated with Xerox for more than 8 years and the experience has been great. We had installed the Xerox Color C70 and the device has been working seamlessly. It is a great fit for the kind of work we do in Short Quantity printing and Photo related book printing areas and its energy saving capabilities really makes a difference. Xerox’s service is also a benchmark in the industry and whatever be the problem, they are right there with us to resolve and help us move forward.”

Mr. Kaja Hussain, Noble Digital Signage Palakkad using the Versant 80 believes, “The device is a great fit for our business. We have been associated with Xerox for more than 14 years and the experience has been brilliant till date. Starting from product quality to Xerox’s service, we have had a good experience always. The product is one of its kind and the 10 bit image quality really sets it apart. We are glad to be working with Xerox and hope this relationship will continue for a long time.”

Photofest India 2016 was a great success and saw around 200 print vendors showcasing their devices.

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