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XENCOV to explore new technological trends.

 Xencov Software is a technology based start-up announced that it is going to explore new and emerging technological trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IoT. The initiative has been taken mainly due to the several business enterprises stepping towards implementing the new technological concepts due to this pandemic situation. It will help the organizations to not only save money but also boost their performance,improve their and efficiency and generate better markets.

The sector has a more promising role to play in the coming years. 

Suroor Wijdan, Founder of Xencov Software said that due to the pandemic situation there will be a complete digital transformation with integration of digital tools. AI, Machine Learning and other technologies are the key to meet the needs and demands of business organization in the coming times.

According to report, the global artificial intelligence (AI) market size will grow by US$ 75.54 billion during 2019-2023. According to prediction,  AI will boost productivity way.