January 20, 2021

Xbox One Is Now Available At Its Lowest Price Since Launch

Microsoft Xbox One is now available at its lowest price since launch. This price xbox-one-consoledrop announcement is a big news for customers in India. Other changes have also been noticed such as customers have an whole month to make purchase of the Xbox One, compared to earlier cases where this was discounted for a few days only. This new deal ends on 31 March.

According to the official Xbox One India Facebook page, Rs 29,990 nets you an Xbox One with a download code for FIFA 15 on Amazon India.

This move can be compared to the discount which had been seen in the U.S., where the price was dropped to $349. The deal lasted for two months before it was pushed back to its original $399 price and then went back to $349 again.

While the post on the Xbox One India Facebook page shows this is a limited time run, it won’t be a breaking news if the deal continues well into next month, given the global trends and the fact the Xbox One hasn’t seen as much success in the Indian market as Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) priced at Rs 39,990. The PS4 has been around longer than the Xbox One in India, but continues to do well without resorting to deep discounts like the Xbox One.