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X discontinues the Circles feature

X is discontinuing the Circles feature, which allowed users to restrict their posts to specific groups of people. The social media platform announced this decision in a post on its website, stating that Circles will be deprecated as of October 31, 2023. After this date, users will no longer be able to create new posts limited to their Circles or add people to their Circles. However, they can still remove people from their Circles by unfollowing them. The platform provided instructions on how to remove people from Circles:

1. Log in to X.
2. Visit the account that is in your Circles and unfollow them.
3. They will no longer be part of your Circle and cannot see your past Circle Posts.
4. If desired, you can follow them again, but they will not be added to your Circle.

Twitter Circles, as it was initially named, allowed users to create groups of up to 150 people and share tweets exclusively with that group. Tweets shared within a Twitter Circle featured a green badge and were only visible to members of the circle. They could not be retweeted or shared outside the circle, and all replies to these tweets remained private, even if the Twitter account was public.

Twitter Circles was designed to facilitate more personal conversations with select groups, such as close friends, family, or colleagues, and to share sensitive content that users preferred to keep within a restricted circle. X did not provide an official reason for discontinuing the Circles feature.

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