wTVision Exhibits Its MCR, PCR And Sports Real-Time Data & Graphics Solutions At IBC 2013

IT Voice wtvision Logoone of the main real-time on-air graphics and playout automation players of the broadcast industry will be presenting its software solutions for Sports, Studio Programs and Playout Automation, at IBC, on Hall 7 Booth A45.

On the sports station, wTVision will be presenting SportStats CG, a software framework developed to cover over 40 different sports. This solution is fragmented in several different products, with dedicated scouting systems for each kind of sport, that enables the gathering of a wide range of statistical information. SportSlides, a powerful graphics controller, and the second main application of SportStats CG, receives the collected and managed data, displaying it through any kind of graphic, by controlling a partner’s graphic engine (Vizrt, Orad, Ross Video, among others).

SportStats CG also integrates data from official data providers, managing information, in real-time and with third-party technology such as: Timing Systems (AMB, Chronelec, Omega, Colorado Time Systems), Scoreboards, GPS’, Tracking Systems, Virtual Graphics, RFID systems, among others.

On the live production station, wTVision will be showcasing Studio CG, a powerful PCR integrated solution that allows broadcasters to manage and control on-air graphics and videos, from one single interface, on their newscasts and live studio shows. Studio CG is easily integrated on a news production workflow, by being connected to other wTVision’s systems or to third parties. wTVision’s newsroom solutions ecosystem covers the major areas of a live production center including: real-time graphics coverage, video playout, newsroom system integration, ingest and MAM.

On the playout station, visitors will have the chance to try ChannelMaker, one of the most flexible playout systems of the broadcast industry, that can be totally configured to suit the specific playout requirements of each client, by integrating with several MCR technologies.

wTVision delivers ChannelMaker as a channel-in-a-box solution or as a multi-system integrated solution. To meet the major needs of a TV channel, the company provides a suite of solutions: Ingest, Media Asset Management, Scheduling and Playout.

Visitors can also watch wTVision’s latest Elections, Entertainment and Virtual Advertising projects.

Working in a service model, a project oriented model or just selling one of its turn-key products, wTVision is providing its software solutions for several projects over the world.

wTVision’s offer to the broadcast market includes: Software, Design, Consulting, HR Outsourcing and Live Operation Services.

For more information go to http://www.wtvision.com/en/press-kit or send an email to marketing@wtvision.com with your questions.