February 25, 2021

World’s Smallest Supercore And Densest 100G Optical Routing interface.

Juniper Networks, a  leader in network innovation, today unveiled two new products designed to address key challenges facing service providers as they converge their networks to optimize their business.


First, Juniper Networks has advanced the industry’s first and only Converged Supercore™ for service providers with the introduction of the Juniper Networks® PTX3000 Packet Transport Router. Unlike other core routers that are so large that they often require building retrofits and redesigns, the new Juniper Networks router at 10.6 inches in depth can be installed in virtually any space and energy constrained environment. The PTX3000 router’s capacity is designed to rapidly scale over time up to 24 terabits per second (Tbps), enabling PTX3000 to simultaneously stream high-definition video to as many as three million households.

In addition, Juniper Networks announced an integrated packet-transport physical interface card (PIC) with two-ports of line rate 100 Gigabit forwarding for the entire PTX family, which will now enable service providers to cost-effectively interconnect sites more than 2000 kilometers (1243 miles) apart, the equivalent distance between San Francisco, Calif. and Denver, Colo.

The PTX Series, in combination with the T Series Core Routers, the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, the ACX Series Universal Access Routers and Junos Space Network Management deliver a unique architecture for the future of service provider networks, promoting long-term investment protection by flexibly scaling total capacity to meet ever-increasing consumer and business traffic.

“Our business continuously evolves at the escalating pace of mobility and emerging cloud-based applications. Our enterprise customers need communications services that will scale on-demand and remain highly reliable, which means our network core must have a simple architecture, be automated, and function with minimal changes. Juniper’s PTX Series routers enable us to meet our vision to rapidly deliver advanced communications services to customers. Our Juniper Supercore will improve our customers’ experience and offer Juniper Networks

To effectively deliver advanced services and remain competitive, service providers need a core network solution that will help streamline their business and reduce operational costs. The Converged Supercore is an innovative platform that enhances service provider economics while providing greater value to their subscribers. Following on the heels of the revolutionary PTX5000, the PTX3000 extends these benefits to new markets and geographies with a solution that is tailored for their specific needs.”

– Rami Rahim, executive vice president, Platform Systems Division, Juniper Networks

 “Traffic patterns in metro networks are rising at such a high rate that requirements in the IP metro core are similar to those of previous IP backbone core networks. The PTX3000 Packet Transport Router has clearly achieved a new packaging density for core routers, with capacity to scale up to 24 Tbps in an energy efficient, ½ rack, 300mm ETSI form factor. We expect that these characteristics will draw the consideration of service providers as they redesign their metro networks for the future.”

– Michael Howard, principal analyst, Infonetics Research

“Juniper Networks will demonstrate an end-to-end service provider network solution in booth #1433 at OFC/NFOEC March 19-21, including MPLS from access to core. It will showcase Juniper’s award-winning ACX Series Universal Access Routers, the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router, the game-changing Converged Supercore solution and PTX Series Packet Transport Switches. The demonstration will also highlight dynamic and application-based optimization using PCE and ALTO protocols for the delivery of differentiated services. In addition, the PTX Series will also be featured at MPLS World Congress 2013 at the Hotel Marriott Paris Rive Gauche in France, March 19-22” Randy Nicklas, chief technology officer, XO Communications