World Health Day 7th April 2021

Dr. Sudhir P. Srivastav MD, and Founder of SS Innovations Pvt. Ltd

Many countries around the world have multiple tier healthcare systems where geographical access and cost determine the level of care they receive. The highest level of healthcare ought to be a right and not a privilege for the chosen based on economic considerations. In most developing economies, the majority population stays in rural areas or smaller towns with limited access to timely diagnosis and treatment. A cost-effective technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning can help improve true telediagnosis, tele-treatment, and telesurgery utilizing teleoperated robotic systems. The Governments can take initiatives to promote the manufacturing of various currently imported technology components for medical devices to make them more affordable. In India, a Government Scheme like “Ayushman Bharat” that covers healthcare insurance for over 500 Million in the country, should be covering procedures that use high-tech equipment including Robotics. This would further enhance indigenous production of such complex systems to benefit the most. As a Robotic Cardiac Surgeon, I have seen huge benefits among heart surgery patients that do not have their sternums split and recover very fast with less trauma and complications. I am committed to change the direction of surgery for most with a cost-effective surgical robotic system, starting with India but to take it globally to benefit a larger segment of the under-served patient population.”