With Oculus Rift welcome to the revolutionary future

Virtual reality is a modern age, wonderful, magical delight. And to untitled-2-copymake this experience the best, the Oculus Rift presents the perfect portal with superb graphics and depth that you can never imagine with a mobile platform. Lets discuss the device in detail:

Taking control
In the comparison of HTC Vive, the headset by Oculus Rift is less complicated. It’s better suited to sitting or standing in one spot, and therefore only needs the one sensor which is easy to plonk on a desk or cabinet. As long as the sensor is pointing straight at your head it will track you sufficiently to play any of the games that don’t require the use of the Oculus Touch controllers (sold separately).

With the headset, you get an Xbox One controller, a wireless dongle to communicate it with the PC and a small Oculus remote. The aforementioned Oculus Touch motion controllers are not expected to hit stores until late 2016, so current games and software titles are all usable through at least one of the two included controller mechanisms.

Design                                                                                                         The Oculus Rift headset is lightweight and comfortable to wear. While playing game and watching movies you can wear it as tight as needed for visual clarity. The users also can wear glasses with it while playing. The elasticated, adjustable straps give the perfect fit. The Rift is the only headset currently on the market that offers built-in earpieces and that helps when using the device on an ad-hoc, day-to-day basis. But here is a bar of screen quality. In order to get maximum closure, you need to tighten the streps as much as possible. The tighter and more stable the headset on your noggin, the better the clarity.

Ultimate clarity
The headset uses the rich and vibrant OLED technology screens with the resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels in total, so serves 1080 x 1200 pixels to each eye. A 90Hz (90fps) refresh rate ensures action is smooth enough to prevent nausea during movement; it’s a higher refresh than many competitors.

It is essential to tell that the with lengthy use, the headset gets warm. So it is suggested to wear it for 30 minutes at a time and then take some break to let it cooled.

Worth the cash?
The Oculus Rift costs $599, but that doesn’t take into account that it also requires a beefy PC to run everything. That will invariably cost you much more – at least twice the price of the Rift if you want games to run at their best. When you also consider that the Touch controllers will cost around $190 when they arrive, it’s a hell of a lot to shell out to be an early adopter in a new entertainment format, as mind-blowing as it can be at times.

Staring at the sun
It even has to be handled with care when not in use, thanks to an inherent issue with super-focused lenses. As we found to our cost with our first Rift headset, you cannot leave the lenses pointing anywhere near a window or it runs the risk of irreparably damaging the OLED panel.

As it stands, the Rift is a comfortable, pleasant VR headset that is well supported in software terms and offers great potential. It is pricey – pricier still if you don’t already own a PC capable of running it – but you are buying into something fresh and new.

The HTC Vive is already available and PlayStation VR could be a massive success when it launches in the end of the year, thanks to its huge target audience of PS4 owners. But even those utilize first-generation technologies so have their foibles.

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