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With multiple options and the best car renting experience, Avis comes sans hassles

My fast-paced lifestyle means that the decisions I take and the choices I make are always geared towards getting the best experience instantaneously. In particular, I prefer the luxury of driving high-end cars that are typically exclusive to VIPs or celebrities.

However, I don’t own a car, nor do I plan to purchase one. Given this, my dream of driving a luxury car would have been a near impossibility but for the Avis app, which made it a tangible reality.

I discovered the app not long ago and have since made three bookings, one of them being for a holiday trip. I can say my experience has been nothing short of exhilarating!

What I really like about the app is its convenient, user-friendly interface. Avis also does not compromise on security of its users. Being the first company to provide chauffeur-driven cars and self-drive services to Indians travelling internationally, it has features that are perfect for whenever I want to travel conveniently.

Ease of accessibility

The company has made all the car options available on the web and mobile platforms, using its sophisticated telematics solutions. Moreover, the app acts as key to the car post-booking for the ease of accessibility.

Greener and hassle-free booking

The automated and paper-free work that goes into document verification at the time of booking makes it hassle-free and environmentally friendly!

Free drop or pick up and Wi-Fi too!

I was amazed by the convenience offered by Avis, which arranged for a free car pickup/drop on every booking I made. This helped me save a lot of time and money, and avoid the hassle of having to go to a particular destination to pick up or drop the car I booked. The Wi-Fi was also complimentary with every booking!
One stop, multiple renting options

When making a booking on the Avis app, I had the option of choosing services from any of its four verticals as per my needs: chauffeur drive (India and International) and self-drive (India and International). All this was available on one screen. The chauffeurs were, as expected, very well trained and polite, while the cars were in excellent condition. I also had the option of choosing cars in five categories for self-drive rentals: Hatchback, Sedan, Multi Utility Vehicles (MUVs), Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), and Luxury.

24*7 Customer Support and Avis Secure (Call in lady traveler)

Considering that the need for help can arise at any point of time, Avis India representatives were available throughout the day to help me with any of my issues or queries.

Safety seems to be a top priority for Avis India. Its customer care calls female travelers at the beginning and the end of every booking, with real-time tracking of the journey to ensure safety.

Car hire discounts

I was able to avail some splendid discounts offered by Avis India on its mobile app and ended up trying some new categories of cars. Its points system is also quite good. I earned loyalty points after every booking or whenever I referred the app to my friends, which I then used while making future bookings.

I was also quite surprised that the company offered me the option of becoming an Avis Preferred member upon arriving at the rental location. Avis Preferred members have access to all features and can also exchange or upgrade their cars, quickly return their car, lock and unlock cars, and more real-time rental features.